Quote: can use Turing Test for subcognitive questions that require immersion in a culture; e.g., 'Rate dry leaves as hiding places' or 'bread butter' vs. 'dog butter'

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Turing test
people better than computers

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I will allow the interrogator to poll humans … itself. … I also want to make explicit an assumption … this case, the interviewees) are all from the … … I will designate as subcognitive any question capable … The idea is the following: Humans, over the … so-called lexical decision task it has been established … [ref] that it … preceded by an associated word. [e.g., bread butter vs. dog butter. Just test humans on a series of such associations, only a human from the same culture while have a similar set of average response times] … [p. 5] [Or consider the Category Rating Game [suggested by D. Hofstadter]] … leaves" will ever include the fact that piles …   Google-1   Google-2

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