Quote: if a language contains intension adverbs (necessarily) then interchanging equivalent predicates can demonstrate cognitive synonymy; analytic already

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referential transparency
necessary truth
problems with analytic truth
meaning vs. reference

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Now a language [in the form of first-order predicate calculus] is extensional, in this … interchangeable salva veritate [without change in truth value, Leibniz]. In an extensional language, … [p. 31] There is no assurance here that the … of fact, as the extensional agreement of "creature … If a language contains an intensional adverb "necessarily" … [as in "Necessarily all and only bachelors are unmarried men"] in such a language does afford a … the notion of analyticity is already understood in …   Google-1   Google-2

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Quote: in an extensional language can interchange equivalent extensional predicates but the agreement may be accidental and not due to meaning

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