Quote: an n-component element is a set of attributes or properties defining a single unit of information; each component points to the specified property or element

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data record
data as a named set of data objects
semantic networks
recursive data structures

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we must provide for a completely general method … describing data forms and the desired manipulations of … These considerations led to the concept of "n-component … [refs] Stated briefly, an n-component element is a … or property of the element. There may be … a pointer which indicates the specific property. Numerical … additional elements whose components give additional properties. The … is called a plex, … "an interconnected set of n-component elements." … [For example,] The line element contains a type component … [p. 307] a name component, and two additional components which point to … components which specify the x and y coordinates …   Google-1   Google-2

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Quote: a plex is an interconnect set of n-component elements; represents arbitrarily complex information from any source; e.g., a line has a type, a name, and its two end points

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