Quote: a domain distinguishes values of the same basic data type with a range and optional ordering

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data type by name or tags
restricted and extended types
abstraction in programming

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If … two semantically distinguishable types of real-world objects or … [p. 44] the same basic data type, the user nevertheless assigns distinct … an extended data type [i.e., domain] includes its basic … comparator (<) is meaningfully applicable to its values. … [p. 45] This first reason for supporting domains [as the data type of a column] can be concisely stated as follows: domains are the glue … keys. … Second, … A large component of the description of every … … [p. 46] Third, support of domains is necessary if … Fourth, full support of domains includes domain-constrained operators …   Google-1   Google-2

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Quote: domains are the glue that holds a relational database together; shared descriptions; domain integrity, operators, and features

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