Quote: the state of the machine at one prepulse is completely determined by its state at the previous one; consists of electronic store, accumulator, and instruction number

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what is a computer
discrete vs. continuous
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The state of the reduced machine at any … ii) the content of the accumulator. … iii) the content of the control, or instruction … [p. 8] We are not however interested in the … content to know its state at isolated moments … consecutive such moments Fortunately the construction of the … 'prepulses' or 'completion signals' occur. The state of … [some instructions take longer than one prepulse]. … It is usually to describe [the transition function] in terms …   Google-1   Google-2

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Quote: programming is not interested in the state of the machine at every moment; only at prepulses
Quote: the transition function is 'obeying an instruction'

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