Quote: must have sufficient reason for the truth of a statement; known by itself, known by experience, known by proof, known by holy scripture

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what is truth
what is a number
metaphysics and epistemology

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4. We are not allowed to affirm a … to do so either by its self-evidence or … a proposition verified by observation. That this is … [footnote] Cf. De sacramento altaris, cap. 28; ed. Birch, p.319. In … for it, except it be something known by … II, qu. 150 has the following wording: 'We … are not led to this by a reason … should be noted that various formulations of 'Ockham's … [e.g., Duns Scotus and Odo Rigaldus] [/footnote] [p. xxi] It is quite often stated by Ockham in … and also, though seldom: 'What can be explained … The form usually given, 'Entities must not be … , does not seem to have been used … have a sufficient reason for its truth …   Google-1   Google-2

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Quote: Ockham's razor--plurality [of reasons] is not to be posited without necessity

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