Quote: it is wrong to read the Scripture literally; especially when it contradicts sensible experience or necessary demonstrations

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[Galileo letter to Castelli, December 1613, translator S. Drake:] I should only have added [to our discussion with Madame Christina] that although Scripture can indeed not err, nevertheless some of … serious and quite frequent, [that is,] when they would … [p. 225] It was moreover necessary in Scripture, in … and by the [literal] meaning of the words, … nothing whether her hidden reasons and modes of … of the laws imposed on her. Hence it … should not in any circumstances be called in … is linked to such severe obligations as is … [Holding on to the Scripture despite natural evidence to the contrary] would rather injure that primary purpose by … [its] propositions concerning salvation.   Google-1   Google-2

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Quote: Nature is inexorable, immutable, and cares nothing of man; it is bound by law

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