Quote: Galileo discovered the equation for acceleration in free fall by seeking a general rule of proportionality for uniform growth of distances, times, and speeds

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The first two lines on the sheet [f.152r, Volume 72 of the Galilean manuscripts, probably mid 1604] … certainly have nothing to do with any actual … Acceleration in free fall was what basically interested … of distances, times and speeds. … [p. 89] Now that Galileo had two distances, two … which was the only device he trusted for … Quite by accident, in my opinion, the two … To the mind of any mathematician of the … In Galileo's case the mean proportion [was 2*3=6]. … [p. 90] When he calculated the length of CF … [length 9]) according to the ratio he had developed in his conclusion, … through points A and E [i.e., the speed acquired through AB, length 4.]   Google-1   Google-2

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Quote: Galileo depended on the Euclidean theory of proportion for the application of mathematics to physics

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