Quote: a ring of soft iron can be a strong electromagnetic that retains its force for weeks

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2833. ... To my mind the iron is a magnet. It can be raised as a source of lines of magnetic power to an extreme degree of energy in the electromagnet; and though, when very soft, it usually loses nearly all this power upon the cessation of the electric current, yet such is not the case if the mass of metal forms a continuous circuit or ring, for then it can retain the force for hours and weeks together, and is evidently for the time an original source of power independent of any voltaic current. ... as the internal particles of iron become in a degree each a system producing magnetism, so their polarity is correlated and combined together into a polar whole, which, being infinitely more intense, may also be very different in the disposition of its force in different parts, to that equivalent to polarity, which a mere conductor possesses.   Google-1   Google-2

Published before 1923

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Quote: the internal particles of iron are each a magnetic system; as an electromagnetic, they correlate their polarity and combine into a polar whole

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