Quote: a copy constructor initializes an object by copying another object; used for initialization, argument passing, and function return

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initialization of data
replacement as setting a reference to a value
finalization of data

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[A] user-defined assignment operator is not applied to … [(e.g., the object could contain a random pointer)]. … Consequently, a similar, but separate, function must be … [p. 239] For a type X, the copy constructor … be overemphasized that assignment and initialization are different … destructor that performs a nontrivial task, such as … avoiding memberwise copying of objects … There are two more cases when an object … passed, a hitherto uninitialized variable -- the formal … The same is the case for function return … In both cases, the copy constructor will be …   Google-1   Google-2

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Quote: assignment and initialization are different operations; assignment only applies to properly constructed objects
Quote: classes with nontrivial destructors need to define an assignment operator and copy constructor

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