Quote: force should be estimated by the size of its effect instead of its motion

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17. … But in order to show the difference [between force and motion], I make an assumption: that a body falling from a … way, unless it is prevented. [p. 70] … I shall also make this assumption: that as … (CD), as to raise a four-pound body B … the forces of these two bodies are equal. … But here one will be surprised to find … speed acquired in the fall CD is double … [p. 71] So let us multiply body A, which is equal to … be 2, on the other hand, multiply the … or the quantity of motion will be 4. … of motion of body B at the point … We can see from this that force should … Nothing could be simpler than this proof, and … even when it was insufficiently mature. But I … they are beginning gradually to resemble some of … consulting the books of their master rather than …   Google-1   Google-2

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Quote: Descartes was mistaken because he put too much trust in his thinking; his followers perpetuate the mistake

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