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Sub-sequences can be identified by start/end indices, sub-sequence length, bounding components, head or tail sequences, pattern match, or by components making up a sequence token. A sub-sequence is a form of slice within a single dimension, instead of a surface in a multi-dimensional space. (cbb 5/80)
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Quote: arrays may be assigned to arrays of different index types or to overlapping subarrays

Subtopic: subsequence up

Quote: a sequence value is a reference to a subsequence with concate, base, start, next, and extent functions [»hansWJ10_1992]

Subtopic: frequent subsequence up

Quote: CloSpan identifies closed, frequent subsequences; O(n^2) if maximum length is constrained; starts with candidate set [»liZ3_2006]

Subtopic: phrase up

Quote: n-grams of text streams are efficient, robust, and capture statistically significant phrases [»coheJD12_1998]

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Quote: added bit and string subsequences to Algol; left or right-hand side of assignment [»wirtN6_1966]
Quote: desired properties for strings: immutable strings, long strings, files as strings, efficient non-destructive concatenation and substring operations
Quote: use 's[a:b]' for a slice or substring [»dorwSM1_1997]
QuoteRef: memorex ;; 10-10 symbolic substrings (for conditional assembly tests only) by &arg(1,2). e.g., if &arg is abc then the substring is ab
QuoteRef: mumps ;;$PIECE (s,d,m [n]) substring of S bounded by m-1 occurrence of D and the n (default m) occurrence of D
QuoteRef: sammJE_1969 ;;453 Trac has several different kinds of calls for selecting substrings of a form.

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Quote: Imp uses contextual string resolution; so p->q.(s).r picks and left and right context of s [»stepPD8_1974, OK]

Subtopic: packed data up

Quote: register allocation algorithm for packing multiple subword variables in one register; needed for processors that reference bit sections in registers [»tallS1_2003]
QuoteRef: sammJE_1969 ;;202 parts of words eg c(15-20) is word c bits 15-20

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