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In artificial intelligence, a frame is a fixed theme plus a way to modify the theme. Typically a frame is a typed, slotted entity with links to other entities. An empty slot represents a question that needs answering, while an occupied slot represents a fact.

Frames are similar to hypertext nodes and object-oriented prototypes. (cbb 6/06)

Subtopic: what is a frame up

Quote: frame is a formalization of same-as-except since it accommodates variations [»bassPG7_1987]
Quote: Hypertext, frame-based AI systems, and object-based systems are similar: typed, slotted, linked entities [»halaFG7_1988]
Quote: a frame is a collection of questions (terminal slots) which should be answered in a given situation [»minsM_1981]
Quote: represent knowledge by a frame which is adapted to fit reality by changing its details [»minsM_1981]
Quote: attached to each frame is how to use it, what will happen next, what to do if expectations fail [»minsM_1981]
Quote: Piccola unifies all notions of namespaces as first-class forms, e.g., records, dictionaries, objects, environments, packages; avoids meta-programming [»acheF9_2000]

Subtopic: default frame up

Quote: a template specification frame defines a default frame composition and important options with explanations [»bassPG7_1987]
Quote: a new situation invokes a frame from memory; includes expectations and assumptions; modify as needed [»winoT_1986]
Quote: if a frame's slots can not be assigned according to its conditions; the network provides a replacement frame [»minsM_1981]

Subtopic: customized frames up

Quote: a frame's top levels are fixed; lower levels changed to reflect current situation

Subtopic: frame slots up

Quote: a crucial part of understanding is knowing what information you need to know; role of slots in CD [»schaRC_1981]
Quote: frames have slots to fill with defaults or with specific instances (often another frame) that meet certain conditions [»minsM_1981]
Quote: slot filling is a major role of CD descriptions, whether for parsing sentences or making inferences; unknown elements from sentence or general knowledge [»schaRC_1981]
Quote: customize frames by breaks; slots which can receive frame text from any parent frame [»bassPG7_1987]
Quote: a select frame stores predefined variations, e.g., for converting dates [»bassPG7_1987]
Quote: customize a Garnet Interactor by filling slots; e.g., necessary start events or a termination function [»myerBA7_1990]
Quote: in non-mathematical domains, EURISKO needs a rich set of slots for the domain and a frame of information about that type of slot [»lenaDB8_1984]

Subtopic: network of frames up

Quote: a frame is a network of nodes and relations; made of slots that usually reference smaller subframes

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