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automated tests of specifications and designs
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user-centered design

Subtopic: prototype vs. specification up

Quote: requirement specification requires a working system or prototype
Quote: prototyping may solve the problems that specifications fail to solve [»mccrDD_1981, OK]
Quote: compared prototyping vs. specifying on a 3000 line program [»boehBW5_1984]
Quote: prototyping produced a smaller product, with less effort than for specified programs; performance roughly equivalent [»boehBW5_1984]
Quote: prototyping spent more time testing and fixing, had trouble in integration, and had a worse design than specified programs [»boehBW5_1984]

Subtopic: pilot vs. prototype up

Quote: unlike prototypes, a pilot system is a subset of a system which is properly designed and engineered, reliable and robust
Quote: pilot plants are used extensively in chemical engineering; used for working out details between developers and clients [»rzevG_1984]

Subtopic: engineering prototype up

Quote: a prototype in engineering is a phase of the production process where a model is built for testing and guidance; not applicable to software [»floyC_1984]
Quote: Star based on the Alto; 1000 Alto's were built over a period of 8 years; one of largest prototyping efforts [»smitDC4_1982]

Subtopic: rapid prototyping up

Quote: in design fields such as architecture, the rough sketch is heavily used; detailed drawings seldom occur before the creative work is finished [»weinGM_1982]
Quote: prototyping for small, experimental projects with good user-developer rapport
Quote: use Excel for fast prototyping of user interfaces; daily turn around; much faster than Dreamweaver [»bergN1_2006]
Quote: Excel's grid aligns artwork and text; tabbed pages organize designs and image libraries; hypertext allows linking between pages [»bergN1_2006]
Quote: used a simulator to model keypad actions; the flexibility was so helpful that made it part of the product [»goulJD3_1985]
Quote: design and build software so that it can be tried within a few weeks [»mcilMD7_1978]
Quote: do not hesitate to throw out clumsy software and rebuild it [»mcilMD7_1978]

Subtopic: prototyping not right up

Quote: throw-away prototyping works poorly for complex, real-time systems; high-cost and limited user time for testing
Quote: rapid prototyping means "hack up something that works; just like in the old days"

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