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A database is consistent if it satisfies stated and unstated assertions about its data. It is reliable if the data is accessible, current, and consistent. A database schema may define constraints that new data must satisfy. For example, a foreign-key column matches a row in the corresponding table.

Imported data often contains incorrect and missing data. The data may require manual cleansing or normalization. A null value is commonly used for missing data. (cbb 8/06)

Subtopic: consistent definition up

Quote: a consistent database is one that satisfies all stated assertions about its data [»shavMJ2_1980]
Quote: conventional databases are a snapshot of the current state; may be somewhat out-of-date [»snodR9_1986]
Quote: a database schema needs a consistent definition of all terms; does not exist, so use exceptions [»borgA10_1986]
Quote: a database model should allow arbitrary combinations of constraints on relationships [»kentW_1978]

Subtopic: consistency audit up

Quote: audit and correct the relational databases for 5ESS telephone switches; e.g., if a unit is out-of-service, its children are either out-of-service or in a transient state [»guptNK1_1997]

Subtopic: data cleansing up

Quote: interactive data cleaning system that integrates transformation and discrepancy detection [»ramaV9_2001]
Quote: transformations shown at once on visible records; like a spreadsheet
Quote: optimize recall, precision, and length when parsing a data domain [»ramaV9_2001]
Quote: use minimum description length to select how to parse data in a column

Subtopic: insuring consistency up

Quote: an information system depends on accurate, consistent data; constraints defined as part of the databases schema [»borgA10_1986]
Quote: electronic data publishing can revise or correct data after publication; difficult in print media [»cinkMJ5_1991]
Quote: GenBank checks sequence data far more extensively then reviewers do; many automatic checks [»cinkMJ5_1991]

Subtopic: metadata up

Quote: implement atomic update of metadata information by updating a duplicate page and swapping page pointers when done [»chenPM9_1996]

Subtopic: avoid duplicate data up

Quote: keeping two related, but different sets of data is asking for trouble; sooner or later someone will get them out of sync [»koenA12_1995]

Subtopic: distributed update up

Quote: Bayou supports four session guarantees: read your writes, monotonic reads, writes follow reads, and monotonic writes; allows self consistency

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