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As Feynman says, "Science is the belief in the ignorance of experts." Experiment tests our ideas against reality. It answers questions such as "If I do this, what will happen?" (cbb 4/06)
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Quote: even though science denies indeterminism, science is needed because the causes of change are unknown or unobservable [»thomR_1975]
Quote: it is rational to redefine notions like heat to their causes; better control of reality, and fits nature at its causal joints [»searJR_1992]
Quote: no hypotheses about the cause of gravity because of a lack of phenomena to support them [»newtI_1685, OK]

Subtopic: skepticism up

Quote: in science, we cannot define anything precisely; we have to agree that we are talking about roughly the same thing; avoids paralysis of thought [»feynRP_1963]
Quote: since God is not a deceiver, there must be a faculty for rectifying any falsity about the nature of particular things [»descR_1641]
Quote: it is better to suspect we are wrong than to accept an error as right [»faraM_1855, OK]
Quote: Galileo only sought the reasons for some particular effects. He built without foundation from the first causes of nature
Quote: my having experienced a thousand times the ease with which one is deceived removes my confidence
Quote: it is impossible to understand the true and internal essence of natural substances [»drakS_1978]
Quote: science is rechecking ideas from past generations by new direct experience [»feynRP9_1969]
Quote: experience is primary over testimony; if others had seen the experiment, they would change their mind [»galiG_1623]
Quote: science is the belief in the ignorance of experts; the greatest teachers of preceding generations are not infallible; need balance [»feynRP9_1969]
Quote: science is testing ideas to see if they work [»feynRP_1974]
Quote: as a scientist, you must not fool yourself, nor fool others, nor fool the layman [»feynRP_1974]

Subtopic: experiment as the source of truth up

Quote: fundamental hypothesis of science: the sole test of the validity of any idea is experiment; we must formulate our ideas in terms of our actual experience [»feynRP_1963]
Quote: if a computation disagrees with experiment it is wrong; the key to science [»feynR_1965]
Quote: both experiment and analysis leads to strict truth if rightly interpreted [»faraM_1855, OK]
Quote: experiment leads to new trains of thought and new conditions of natural power; better than analysis
Quote: experiment and demonstrated arguments are more effective than conjecture and philosophical speculation [»gilbW_1600, OK]
Quote: experiments are needed to determine the correct hypothesis; nature is so vast and the principles so simple that many hypotheses are reasonable [»descR_1637]
Quote: experiment is the sole source of truth; but every experiment is long and difficult [»poinH_1902, OK]
Quote: experiments clearly demonstrate the truth of an hypothesis
Quote: the defining principle of science is that experiment is the sole judge of scientific truth [»feynRP_1963]
Quote: the laws of acceleration are conventions but they are not arbitrary; the laws were justified by experiment [»poinH_1902, OK]

Subtopic: science as experiment up

Quote: science answers questions of the form: if I do this, what will happen? [»feynRP6_1956]
Quote: a scientific question is a question that can be tested by experiment [»feynRP6_1956]

Subtopic: experiment up

Quote: an event in an ideal experiment is a specific set of initial and final conditions [»feynRP_1965]
Quote: an experiment includes everything that might be wrong with the experiment; allows others to judge its value [»feynRP_1974]
Quote: all experiments must be expressed in classical terms; otherwise can not communicate clearly [»bohrN_1949]
Quote: experiments require care and skill [»gilbW_1600, OK]
Quote: a mathematical scientist must deduct material hindrances just as a merchant computer must discount the boxes from the weight of sugar [»galiG_1632]

Subtopic: repeatability up

Quote: scientific experimentation is only possible if the process is structurally stable w.r.t. the initial state and environmental interactions [»thomR_1975]
Quote: noise in user testing is the most difficult of all problems; must be eliminated by design [»ledgH_1981]
Quote: pretesting is a powerful aid in designing an experiment that uses subjects [»ledgH_1981]
Quote: scientific objectivity when for any observation we can provide instructions that will lead to the same conclusion [»winoT_1986]

Subtopic: null result up

Quote: a null result from an experiment should always be questioned; could be due to noise in the experiment [»ledgH_1981]
Quote: experiments have shown that ether, i.e., absolute space, does not exist [»poinH_1902, OK]

Subtopic: equipment up

Quote: the machine is essential to intellectual progress; it enables experiments that tie speculative thought to reality [»debrL_1937]

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