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Subtopic: simulate real world up

Quote: Smalltalk's heritage is simulation; the description and simulation of real-world models as computer models [»goldA10_1995]
Quote: a Smalltalk user should be able to rapidly change the conceptual model of a system without strong technical skills; needed for simulation [»goldA10_1995]
Quote: abstraction was successful in Simula because started with simulating the real world [»nygaK10_1983]
Quote: instead of abstracting physical processes into mathematics, simulate the process with a model [»nygaK10_1983, OK]
Quote: simulate a hospital's x-ray business, routing, and elevator service [»lickJC5_1962]

Subtopic: microworld, model, universal up

Quote: a microworld is a well-defined, limited world with interesting events and educational ideas; e.g., blocks world [»goldEP8_1982]
Quote: a computer is a universal medium in that it can simulate any other medium [»kayA3_1977]
Quote: Simula designed as a language for system description, understanding, and simulation [»nygaK10_1986]
Quote: simulation is the central notion of Dynabook [»kayA3_1977]

Subtopic: queuing network up

Quote: a queuing network can predict device utilization and throughput to 5% error [»dennPJ_1980]

Subtopic: animation up

Quote: use Sketchpad to animate a face or pedal a bike [»suthIE5_1963]

Subtopic: spreadsheet up

Quote: use publish-subscribe spreadsheets with 10-20 conversations behind each published calculation; 11-519 parameters per subsystem; thousands of underlying calculations [»markG6_2002]

Subtopic: model simulation for testing up

Quote: SPIN's simulation mode finds the most bugs; random choice at each turn; users rarely find rare bugs

Subtopic: robotic simulation up

Quote: off-line programming system of robots via a graphical simulation instead of actual robot and workcell [»craiJJ4_1987]
Quote: robot simulation particularly useful for testing synchronization and signaling among multiple devices [»craiJJ4_1987]

Subtopic: circuit simulation up

Quote: worth drawing a circuit in Sketchpad if could also simulate the circuit [»suthIE5_1963]

Subtopic: factory simulation up

Quote: the ARKola factory consists of nine machines for making bottled cola from raw ingredients; simple to understand but difficult to do, also fun [»gaveWW4_1991]
Quote: the Recovery Boiler Tutor uses graphs for process parameters, meters for safety, efficiency, etc., and interactive dialogues [»woolB8_1986]
Quote: during a simulated emergency, there are a large number of potential actions; as the problem worsens, there are actions that should be taken [»woolB8_1986]
Quote: the Recovery Boiler Tutor encourages the generation and testing of hypotheses about an emergency [»woolB8_1986]
Quote: in industrial training, the trainee must learn to evaluate performance through feedback from the controlled process [»woolB8_1986]
Quote: the Recovery Boiler Tutor is used like an actual control panel; both experienced and novice operators engage in lively use after 1/2 hour intro [»woolB8_1986]
Quote: simulate the recovery boiler in real time but allow the student to stop the process to further develop a mental model [»woolB8_1986]

Subtopic: physical simulation up

Quote: a realistic, interactive paint model; a brush is a spring-mass particle system skeleton; models the physical flow of paint and its optical properties; easier to use [»linMC8_2004]

Subtopic: simulate programs up

Quote: simulate programs for teaching, programming style, and debugging [»lickJC5_1962]

Subtopic: constraint network up

Quote: a constraint is a subroutine yielding a scalar that should be zero; use one pass method or relaxation; e.g., can analyze force distribution of a pin connected truss [»suthIE5_1963]

Subtopic: random sequences up

Quote: describes a set of software tools for generating multiple sequences of random numbers; needed for simulation [»lecuP3_1991]

Subtopic: reporting up

QuoteRef: markHM_1963 ;; report generation important for simulation programs

Subtopic: timing up

QuoteRef: markHM_1963 ;;Simscript has entities, timing events which can create, destroy, name, cause timing event

Subtopic: implementation up

Quote: with Simula, simulate a system by compiling its description
QuoteRef: dahlOJ9_1966 ;;677 Simula: 'inspect task-id when Ai do Si list (when Ai activity condition, execute Si as if within task, i.e., have access to all local parameters
QuoteRef: simscrip_1971 ;;72 permanent entities in Simscript allocated by Create Each airport with count from attribute n.airport or from subscript on airport which sets n.airport
Quote: write simulation programs in ALGOL by a task loop and a scheduler [»willJW4_1964, OK]
Quote: designed Bloom filter for differential file by simulating heavy day and extreme loads [»gremLL9_1982, OK]

Subtopic: complete documentation up

Quote: can simulate the EDSAC and its subroutine library from the book [»wilkMV_1951]

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