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Subtopic: denotational semantics up

Quote: denotational semantics of goto statements as continuations; rudimentary language allows goto during expression evaluation [»straC1_1974]
Quote: a continuation is the state transformation from a command to the end of the program; thrown away for gotos; value of a label [»straC1_1974]

Subtopic: continuation as program counter up

Quote: an escape expression is like jumping to a label while passing an argument; applies a higher-order continuation [»reynJC8_1972]
Quote: a continuation is the program counter for a branch table and a uid to detect dead continuations [»ramsN6_2000]
Quote: a continuation is a linear list of instructions; an interpreter of continuations is a state-transition machine, somewhat like Landin's SECD machines [»reynJC8_1972]

Subtopic: continuation as capability up

Quote: Capability Language (CL) propagates capabilities for region-based memory operations; provably safe type system; lexical scope not required; e.g., extensible systems and continuation-passing style [»walkD7_2000]
Quote: Capability Language (CL), provably safe intermediate language for region-based memory management; supports aliasing and extensible OS; best for continuation-passing languages [»walkD7_2000]

Subtopic: continuation for side effects, gotos, non-termination up

Quote: use continuations to handle side effects, abnormal exits, and gotos [»tennRD8_1976, OK]
Quote: use continuations to isolate serious operands, expressions, and functions that might not terminate; allows call-by-value or call-by-name [»reynJC8_1972]

Subtopic: exception handling with continuations up

Quote: model an exception handler as a C-- continuation; like a label with parameters; a non-local exit via 'cut to' [»ramsN6_2000]
Quote: exception handling by stack cutting w/o restore, table-driven stack unwinding, stack unwinding via code, and continuation-passing via code [»ramsN6_2000]

Subtopic: iteration up

Quote: a C-- procedure may tail-call another procedure; deallocates the activation record and other resources [»ramsN6_2000]
Quote: C's continue statement initiates the next iteration of the immediately enclosing loop [»ritcDM7_1978c]

Subtopic: co-routine up

Quote: a 'resume' expression suspends the current environment and passes a value and the resumer's identity to another environment [»hansDR5_1978]
Quote: in SL5, 'return r to e' suspends environment, resumes environment e with value r; prior resumer of e unchanged [»hansDR5_1978]

Subtopic: activation stack up

Quote: the environment for a procedure contains its variables and continuation point [»hansDR5_1978]

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