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Statements can be executed in parallel instead of in sequence. Parallel statements can be indicated by special brackets such as cobegin and coend. The one rule is complete independence with no shared variables. Many structures can be processed in parallel--for instance arrays. For loops can be processed in parallel. Procedures can be processed with one process for each possible parameter value. Path expressions can be executed in parallel. On Unix and other systems, the user can execute any number of commands at once. Parallel statements may be executed order-independently instead of concurrently. This allows compiler determination of the optimal statement sequence. (cbb 5/80)
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QuoteRef: weinGM8_1975 ;;41 select in any order for parallel processing
Quote: Linda waits until there is a matching tuple for an 'in' statement

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QuoteRef: habeAN6_1975 ;;3 critical paths path a; b end (a;b)* for any number and (a+b) for either. ... [p. 6] if can't continue a path then suspend
QuoteRef: thomK_1976 ;;378 a;b for operation a then operation b while a & b is a and b at same time or a& is a and the master console
QuoteRef: thomK_1976 ;;379 (a;b) creates a new Shell (&the CLI) to do a then b with b's output appended to a's
QuoteRef: kayAC6_1968 ;;39 parallel processing by "a where a<-('statement1', 'statement2', ...)"
Quote: subscripts on processes indicate duplicate processes with different values for the indicated variables [»hoarCA8_1978]
Quote: apply a xector of functions to all tuples with common xector indices; e.g., (.alpha.+ '{a->1 b->2} '{b-3 c->2}) => {b->5} [»hillWD_1985]

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Quote: structured multi-programming requires disjoint processes that begin and end at the same place; allows sequential analysis cause of independence [»brinP12_1973, OK]
Quote: every process in a parallel command must be disjoint; i.e., shared variables are read-only [»hoarCA8_1978]

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QuoteRef: abelNE_1969 ;;60 parallel for loops (each iteration) by using Sim instead of Seq

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QuoteRef: backJ_1972 ;;105 "Red items such as (...) can be reduced in parallel because the lack of variables..."

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