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Variables remember a value between operations. They are the current state of the system, which ties past events with present operations. If the variable is set only once, then it is called a dynamic constant. (cbb 5/80)
Subtopic: variable as value and future changes up

Quote: local and global C-- variables model machine registers without an address [»ramsN6_2000]
Quote: a name corresponds to the initial value of possible changes to a variable [»hehnEC7_1975]
Quote: in object-oriented systems, a variable is an object that remembers a name and a value, and responds to access and modification messages [»liebH11_1986]
Quote: information is the values within the outcome of a process; a variable has multiple values, without changing the type of system [»loseRM3_1997]

Subtopic: copy constructor up

Quote: a copy constructor creates a copy; zapping a value does not change other initializations [»dehnJC4_1998]

Subtopic: memory of past values up

Quote: people are expected to remember past values of attributes [»adamEN1_1973]

Subtopic: future value for concurrency up

Quote: use futures for concurrent return values, event objects, and macro-dataflow programming; wait until value is assigned; assign-once [»chriTW2_2002]

Subtopic: memory function up

Quote: a memory function remembers the same response to a signal; a counting function is different each time [»browGS_1972]

Subtopic: named constant up

Quote: a dynamic constant is an object which retains its first value indefinitely [»gunnIE7_1979]
Quote: a named constant (assign-once) can replace most variables except for repetition state [»redeDH7_1979]

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