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formal methods and languages
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logic programming
program proving is infeasible
specification is infeasible
Subtopic: due-process up

Quote: logic programming lacks communication primitives and due-process reasoning; needed for open systems [»hewiC4_1985]

Subtopic: negation up

Quote: in logic programming it is difficult to negate a specification; implemented by programmer case by case [»hoarCA9_1987]
Quote: in paper solutions, negation seldom used; e.g., 'and' appeared 6.1 times per participant while 'not' appeared 0.1 times [»paneJF2_2001]

Subtopic: efficiency and execution plans up

Quote: viability of logic programming depends on an auxiliary control language for sequencing the proof procedure [»kowaR11_1973]
Quote: Prolog programmers need awareness of interpreter if they are worried about efficiency or termination
Quote: improve efficiency of logic programming by avoiding disjunction as well as negation; e.g., algebraic specification
Quote: Prolog programmers need traces, cut, and extralogical features such as assert and retract; is not pure, declarative programming [»tichWF11_1987]
Quote: in expert systems and logic programming, programmers need some direct, procedural control over the system [»abboRJ8_1987]

Subtopic: memory problems up

Quote: if a compiler were written in basic Prolog it would exhaust main memory on a sizable program [»warrDH2_1980]

Subtopic: specific knowledge vs. rules of inference up

Quote: shouldn't separate specific knowledge from general rules of inference; advice and knowledge should be linked together

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