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Systems do not need to be very large to provide a full user interface. For instance WADUZITDO is a full system in 1/4K bytes while Forth fits in half-a-dozen kilobytes. A programming system provides a framework for user programming. It needs a text editor, a text processor, and an optional assembler for internal code.

Advantages--Small systems are easy to move, inexpensive to produce, and simple to use. (cbb 5/80)

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Quote: a programming system is a set of facilities for developing and writing programs in a single programming language; old concept [»wassAI_1983]
Quote: programming environment is a tool for individuals or small teams; little regard for management of programming [»nygaK_1981]
Quote: a library of simple, limited-purpose design aids is better than an all-encompassing design system

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Quote: WADUZITDO is a complete high-level language processor that fits in 256 bytes; includes an editor and interpreter [»kherL9_1978]
Quote: BACO is a user interface that supplies a framework for linking software modules for applications [»vanmJ1_1977]
Quote: in CONTROL, any action may be commanded from the keyboard; extremely useful [»ruhlRC11_1976]
Quote: with FORTH, one can execute any instruction from the terminal and observe its behavior; good for interactive program check-out [»bailGV8_1977]
Quote: ML history; bootstrapped by an interpreter, now ML is the whole system [»spooCR4_1986]
QuoteRef: wessBD_1965 ;;Trac is small

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