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A language processor converts program text into listings and code. The program can in turn control the language processor through directives, tables and macros. Compile time execution may include text macros, compiler directives controlling output, and constraint information for optimizing code generation. Expressions with constant operands can be evaluated at compile time. (cbb 5/80)
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Quote: implement ML by compile-time procedures that translate ML words into action [»spooCR4_1986]
QuoteRef: ahoAV_1973 ;;920 optimize by compile time execution
QuoteRef: bennRK7_1976 ;;35 action operators for translation time execution eg ".." is the comment action operator
QuoteRef: halpMI1_1968 ;;23 modal dimension by allowing any code interpreted at compile time
QuoteRef: halpMI1_1968 ;;23 provides modal commands by having an assemble/execute operator
QuoteRef: sammJE_1969 ;;269 parametric variable for compile time evaluation eg g .doubleEquals. i+5
Quote: compile time macros that provide a full programming language, e.g., variables, labels, conditionals, repetition [»sammJE_1969, OK]
Quote: IMP72 semantic part is a quoted expression or a semantic routine for code generation, symbol operator, stack operator, or semantic condition [»biloW5_1974, OK]

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Quote: any construct that requires a constant should also allow an expression of constants [»knobB4_1976]
Quote: an expression specifies a computation that produces a value or variable; constant if determined at compile-time [»cardL_1991]
Quote: the syntax of a literal defines a calculation that converts a print name into an internal value [»wulfWA4_1974]
QuoteRef: cbb_1973 ;;Algol handles literal constants by calling the appropriate runtime conversion routine

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QuoteRef: hollGH12_1971 ;;133 ECL uses compile time binding to execute as much as possible eg generic selection of operations
QuoteRef: wegbB_1971 ;;260 compilation with frozen list of invariants (compile time determinable)
Quote: have a freeze list that tells compiler about modes; e.g., if know x and y are integers can generate fixadd(x,y) [»wegbB5_1974, OK]
QuoteRef: wegbB_1971 ;;260 frozen list eg if foo (a,b,c) is a foomode procedure and foomode is frozen then know its data type i.e. type of arguments and result

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QuoteRef: memorex ;;2-22 can get length of a symbol's value in storage words

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