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Subtopic: words have meaning up

Quote: words but not utterances generally have meaning in English; because a word, but not an utterance, has a distributive set in E [»ziffP_1960]
Quote: speech uses discrete words or morphemes for expressing concepts
Quote: for young children, a word is a whole sentence [»vyotLS_1962]

Subtopic: understood word through a language up

Quote: if a word has meaning in English, can always say something about it; may not able to explain it in detail or give a precise definition [»ziffP_1960]
Quote: a word is in a language if, through that language, we can understand the word [»cbb_1973, OK]
Quote: some words have a meaning in English with necessary and sufficient conditions; e.g., 'brother' vs. 'tiger', 'brotherlike freak', 'old brother' [»ziffP_1960]
Quote: only in a proposition have words really a meaning; even though mental pictures float before us all the while [»fregG_1884]
Quote: to determine a word's meaning need to determine its distributive and contrastive sets; grammatical characterization, attention to details [»ziffP_1960]
Quote: need to determine the relevant, semantic differences between a word's distributive and contrastive sets; disambiguation [»ziffP_1960]
Quote: the final step of determining a word's meaning is formulating a dictionary entry that summarizes its relevant semantic differences [»ziffP_1960]
Quote: for most utterances using 'good', can ask 'What is good about that?' [»ziffP_1960]
Quote: can debate whether or not something is 'good'; agrees with 'good' as answering to certain interests [»ziffP_1960]
Quote: 'good' means answering to certain interests; 157 utterances in support, 3 utterances that fit poorly [»ziffP_1960]

Subtopic: understand word through context up

Quote: understanding is a great ability to avoid equivocation through context, drift, and occasion; we can find out the true meaning of what is said [»hobbT_1650, OK]

Subtopic: word senses up

Quote: a speaker wants to unify distinct meanings in one word, while an auditor wants diversity with one word per meaning; these conflicting economies lead to vocabulary balance [»zipfGK_1949]
Quote: sense is what determines the truth-value of a sentence while coloring is everything else; e.g., chap vs. guy or man [»dummM_1967]
Quote: the meaning of a phoneme depends on synonymy, i.e., the sameness of meaning
Quote: such is the exuberance of signification which many words have obtained, that it is scarcely possible to collect all their senses [»johnS_1755, OK]

Subtopic: thesaurus up

Quote: a thesaurus leads to a universal language and a golden age of union and harmony among nations [»rogePM_1853, OK]
Quote: a thesaurus groups natural language words under interrelated, conceptual labels; group by synonymy or resemblance of meaning [»sparK7_1972]
Quote: Roget's thesaurus: given the idea, locate the words which best express the idea; opposite to a dictionary
[»rogePM_1853, OK]

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