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A reduction machine takes an expression and successively reduces sub-expressions to their value until a unique expression is reached. This unique expression is the value of the original, since each reduction resulted in equivalent forms. The value depends on a set of basic application atoms associated with the machine. John Backus is the major proponent of reduction machines as a replacement for 'von Neumann' computers. By not having a state memory, reduction machines remove the expense of memory access.

Advantages--No dependence on 'von Neumann' machines, the machine has a formal, textual representation of its semantic function. (cbb 5/80)

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Quote: reduction is the atom of behavior of lambda-calculus; i.e., passing an argument to a function
QuoteRef: backJ_1973 ;;72 RED languages are the Turing machines of programming languages but with sophisticated primitive operators become high-level

Subtopic: reduction up

Quote: reduce an expression by replacing a subexpression by its value; reduction language
Quote: to reduce a formula, need to know how to reduce one of its simplest, non-constant subformulas [»backJ_1972]
Quote: in an applicative language, replace components by their meaning; get meaning of whole unless it's an application [»backJ_1973]
Quote: meaning of an FFP expression found by replacing innermost application with its meaning [»backJ8_1978a]
Quote: in a closed applicative language, an expression is a constant (its own meaning) unless applied [»backJ_1973, OK]
Quote: in a closed applicative language, all reductions terminate at the same meaning (if any) [»backJ_1973, OK]

Subtopic: combinators up

Quote: a machine for combinators reduces compiled code; unlike self-modifying code, it preserves meaning [»turnDA1_1979]
Quote: use combinators to find the value of a financial contract; compositional, abstract valuation semantics [»joneSP9_2000]

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Quote: a language has a state language when its domain is a set of computations that define the reduction operator [»backJ_1973]
Quote: a complete realization defines a transition function and constants; can realize a complete language [»backJ_1973, OK]
Quote: constructor syntax uses a set of constructors and atomic expressions to define non-atomic expressions [»backJ_1973, OK]
Quote: SASL compiler produces a graph which the run-time system reduces to a number or other printable object

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