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Structures and arrays can be initialized with a structure constant. This is usually a sequence of constants, component-value list, repetition counts, and index sequences. They are heavily used in table-driven programs. Initializing a structure by a value list is prone to errors and difficult to modify. An alternative is fill-in tables with prompts, keywords, input fields and default values. Inter-dependent values can be specified by a graph or by predicates over an index set. (cbb 5/80)
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Quote: construct an array by a predicates over its index set that guards expressions [»messJ2_1982]
Quote: a structured constant is defined with positional notation; error-prone [»veneT3_1978]

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QuoteRef: burrou_1972 ;;9-4 Fill array-row With value list (repetition by count (value list repeat)
QuoteRef: bellCG_1971 ;;611 entity name (attribute name: value; not boolean attribute; value)
QuoteRef: flonL9_1974 ;;8 initialization and constant records eg (name: "Joe". age=23)
QuoteRef: rtl2 ;;initialization by replacement in dec. ag Array (5) ?? T := (9, 6(3), 0)
QuoteRef: mckeWM_1966 ;;110 count list value is a list of count values
QuoteRef: shawCJ_1963 ;;61 dual constants, e.g., complex or x.y coordinates
QuoteRef: cbb_1973 ;;4/27/74 PL/1 (3)"abc" == "abcabcabc"

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