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Quote: accepting an innovation depends on ease of use, relative advantage, compatibility, trialability, and observability [»heckP_1984]
Quote: the rate of adoption of an innovation depends on--perception of--ease of use, relative advantage, compatibility, and trialability [»heckP_1984]
Quote: many new products cost more than what they replace, e.g., the Xerox duplicator; so innovation is not price alone [»drucPF_1974]
Quote: an innovation must have a clear advantage over the existing way of doing things [»heckP_1984]
Quote: a user interface can emphasize a product's advantage; e.g., Visi-Calc automatically recalculated after modifying a cell [»heckP_1984]

Subtopic: minimize changes up

Quote: while others had movable type, Gutenberg figured out how to print works that looked sufficiently like hand-lettering to sell [»weinGM_1982]
Quote: an innovation should minimize the changes that users perceive they need to make [»heckP_1984]

Subtopic: old order up

Quote: a reformer has enemies who profit from the old order and only lukewarm defenders who might profit from the new [»heckP_1984]

Subtopic: customer service up

Quote: for complex products need a cooperative, interactive relationship with customers; 'Pie in the Window' doesn't work [»millDC_1986]
Quote: need personal involvement to adopt innovations [»adamKA7_1983]
Quote: Autocode supported by programming courses, a postal service, documentation, and consultancy
Quote: postal Autocode service for producing programs from requests; less than a week turnaroud
Quote: success of Autocode due to ease of use, fulfilled a need, effective selling, and committed support [»campB4_1980]

Subtopic: only customer's matter up

Quote: a company's view of its home page does not matter [»singSN8_1999]

Subtopic: history up

Quote: between 1856 and 1911 a new major invention surfaced every few months on the average; typewriters, autos, light bulbs, telephone, etc. [»drucPF_1974]

Subtopic: technology irrelevant up

Quote: at the point of sale, all that matters is how good a product is and how much it costs; technology is irrelevant [»colwRP_2006]

Subtopic: problems with technical products up

Quote: technical products often perceived as arrogant and superior; e.g., many features and unreadable manual

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