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force control in robots
reflex circle
sensory prediction in coordinated motion
using a world model in robotics
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Quote: use sensing to select alternative actions or correct errors [»lozaT7_1983]
Quote: if predict a future event, then can ignore intermediate events [»donnMD_1987]
Quote: the inverse rate of dialation of a bounded region specifies time of contact [»turvMT_1984]
Quote: subjects can accurately predict climbability of stairs [»turvMT_1984]

Subtopic: examples up

Quote: use successive scan line to locate end of a rope [»inouH_1984]
Quote: use imaginary guide tube to bring end of rope through ring [»inouH_1984]
Quote: force manipulators for robots are limited (1985) [»goldR_1985]
Quote: UtahHand uses hall effect sensors for encoding joint positions; they work well [»jacoSC4_1986]
Quote: UtahHand has inputs for angular position, tendon tension, servo loop gains, damping, cocontraction, and servo valve currents [»jacoSC4_1986]
Quote: robot sensing used to identify and position objects and object features [»lozaT7_1983]

Subtopic: problems with sensors up

Quote: if monitor sensors continuously during action, can assume that sensors give approximate information [»brooRA_1987]
Quote: sensors are inherently inaccurate and multiple sensors can conflict [»brooRA_1987]
Quote: sensors can give inconsistent readings

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