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functional side effects
Subtopic: function is a value up

Quote: a function is a rule for defining a value of a given type; either quantity or reference
Quote: a function is an abstraction of a value that is instantiated on execution [»hehnEC7_1975]
QuoteRef: mooeCN8_1965 ;;237 nesting functions each returning a value or a null to replace the function

Subtopic: procedure as state change up

Quote: a routine is an abstraction of assignment since its execution changes the values of variables [»hehnEC7_1975]
Quote: routine with one parameter is abstraction of case statement; with none, abstraction of assignment [»hehnEC_1977a, OK]
Quote: functions for examining states and procedures for changing states [»smitJM1_1981]

Subtopic: procedure as actions up

Quote: a procedure is a rule for the execution of actions
Quote: a parameterized function is an abstraction of an array; with no parameters, abstraction of value [»hehnEC_1977a, OK]

Subtopic: as sentences and predicates up

Quote: sentences are a special case of complex singular terms and predicates are a special case of functional expressions

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Topic: functional side effects
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