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function call
variable as function that accesses an object's value


Replacement may be a procedure call applied to variable and value arguments. The replacement procedure modifies the variable by the value argument. In Russell, weak assignment is a replacement procedure call on two variable arguments. (cbb 5/80)
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Quote: weak form of assignment is a procedure that takes two var arguments; strong form is var and val arguments [»demeA3_1979]
Quote: accessing is the select function, assignment is the assign function [»gescCM6_1975, OK]
Quote: assignments to OUTPUT in SNOBOL invoke a procedure with predetermined parameters [»hansDR5_1978a]
Quote: implement binary operators of complicated types with assignment operators; e.g., implement matrix addition in terms of '+=' [»stroB_1991]

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Quote: Simscript allows functions on lhs of replace; called with an extra argument [»simscrip_1971, OK]
QuoteRef: seedH_1971 ;;123 replacement by operation zero result and add operand
Quote: in SL5, an assignment becomes the value transmission transmitter [»hansDR5_1978]

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Quote: routine with one parameter is abstraction of case statement; with none, abstraction of assignment [»hehnEC_1977a, OK]
Quote: a routine is an abstraction of assignment since its execution changes the values of variables [»hehnEC7_1975]

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Quote: in Modula, an exported variable is read-only; must export an assign operator if want read-write

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