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goto statement
incremental execution
just-in-time compilation
mobile code
object code linkers and loaders
program execution
proof-carrying code
software maintenance by patching
task scheduling
type reflection and introspection
Subtopic: reflection up

Quote: reflection can allow a program to examine its own structure, modify the structure, execute dynamically-generated code, and modify the language's semantics [»bracG10_2004]

Subtopic: instruction space up

Quote: portable interface for modifying instruction space; e.g., for incremental linking; handles machine-dependent issues such as instruction caching [»keppD4_1991]
Quote: defines safe, binary compatible, changes for Java; may be recompiled and linked with earlier binaries [»drosS10_1998]
Quote: to make a fragment executable with 'fly', allocate data region, load code, allocate instruction region, copy loaded code, update instruction cache, and execute; can not simultaneously change and execute [»keppD4_1991]

Subtopic: patching data types up

Quote: dynamic software updating of functions, types, data, or definitions; patch plus state transformer function; existing instances converted on access or update [»hickM6_2001]

Subtopic: data breakpoints up

Quote: implement data breakpoints by code patching; 42% overhead; use segmented bitmap, reserved registers, loop entry checks, range checks [»wahbR6_1993]

Subtopic: typed assembly language up

Quote: use typed assembly language (TAL) for dynamic patches and type safety; prevents crashes and many incorrect actions [»hickM6_2001]
Quote: low overhead for dynamic updating of TAL code for I/O-intensive applications such as web servers [»hickM6_2001]

Subtopic: instruction modification up

QuoteRef: sammJE_1969 ;;430 dispatcher by logical subscripts changed by routing (by merging or from workspace by *Dj where jth constituent subscripts merged
QuoteRef: hogbD10_1971 ;;27 Omnitab allows instruction modification: 'Increment label arg-list' which matches labeled arg-list

Subtopic: editing commands up

Quote: with dynamic scope, a function can temporarily modify editing commands; e.g., for picture editing [»stallRM6_1981]

Subtopic: in-place update up

Quote: use delta images for updating embedded software; in-place update [»vonpC6_2006]

Subtopic: avoid code modification up

Quote: executable code should not be modified; was a big clarity problem with machine code [»dijkEW5_1965]
Quote: execution of a program concerns two information streams: a constant one, the program, and a varying one, the data
Quote: a machine for combinators reduces compiled code; unlike self-modifying code, it preserves meaning

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