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Subtopic: digital signature up

Quote: efficient, zero-knowledge identification and signatures; based on discrete logarithms modulo a number [»poupG5_1998]
Quote: encryption protocols similar from public-key and conventional algorithms; public-key only has advantage for signed communications [»needRM12_1979]
Quote: efficient digital signature and message digest; non-symmetric algorithm based on square roots [»ricoF6_1994]
Quote: SD3 names may be tied to an IP address; e.g., (K@A)$E(x,y) is relation E at A under public key K; remote evaluator returns E(x,y) as a certificate signed by its private key [»jimT5_2000]

Subtopic: smart card up

Quote: a smart card is secure within itself, while a magnetic strip card reveals its signing key to any reader [»schnB_2000]

Subtopic: security protocol up

Quote: only a channel can directly make a statement, C says S; e.g., K says S if K signs a certificate containing S [»wobbE2_1994]

Subtopic: on-line/off-line up

Quote: an on-line/off-line digital signature has a slow, off-line step prior to selecting the message, and a fast, on-line step with the message [»micaS2_2002]
Quote: on-line/off-line digital signatures are fast enough for micropayment schemes [»micaS2_2002]

Subtopic: watermark up

Quote: taxonomy of software watermarks [»collC1_1999]
Quote: graphic watermark stored in the topology of the dynamic heap data structures
Quote: an abstract watermark identifies a digital artifact by abstract interpretation; parameterized by a stegokey; e.g., reachable states for modular constant propagation [»cousP1_2004]

Subtopic: strong name up

Quote: store strong-named assemblies in a global cache verified through digital signatures [»meijE10_2002]

Subtopic: signed data type up

Quote: by signing a external representation, a type manager can release an object for later retrieval and authentication [»gligVD11_1979]
Quote: can sign a external representation that is in the clear with its encryption; allows authentication of migrated objects [»gligVD11_1979]

Subtopic: version authentication up

Quote: a hypertext needs a fiducial system to tell which version is authentic; must avoid dangers of rewriting history or doctoring documents [»nelsTH_1974]

Subtopic: signature verification up

Quote: can allow for compromised keys if the authentication server adds a signed copy of the sender's public key to the message [»bootKS11_1981]

Subtopic: public key attacks up

Quote: if keys can be compromised, then one of Needham and Schroeder's signature authentication protocols will fail [»bootKS11_1981]
Quote: protect public keys by an audit trail giving registrations of keys, signatures, and compromised keys [»dennDE2_1983]
Quote: if an adversary can get a user to sign arbitrary messages, can decrypt public key messages or forge signatures [»dennDE4_1984]
Quote: prevent a public key attack by signing all messages with a one-way public function [»dennDE4_1984]

Subtopic: limitations of digital signature up

Quote: a digital signature does not convey the signer's intentions; did she read and understand the document?; it is not a signature [»schnB_2000]
Quote: check-writing machines require a contract before they are legal binding; yet more secure than a digital signature [»elliC2_2000]
Quote: a digital signature only proves that a private key signed a message; the computer could be infected; it could sign a different message [»elliC2_2000]
Quote: digital signatures work well for business-to-business transactions with secure computers; but then a public key infrastructure is not needed [»elliC2_2000]
Quote: everyone can check a written signature; big advantage over digital signatures

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