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A program can be organized as a sequence of statements. Each statement has a statement identifier and one or more parameters or modifiers. The statements can specify action, declarations, or control. Expressions are turned into statements by declaring temporary variables for sub-expressions. Statement languages are not mathematically clean. For instance replacement causes many troubles in semantic language definitions.

Advantages -- Statements have a one-to-one correspondence with their meaning. Syntactic analysis is simplified. Statements can be basic functions or calls to user defined procedures. (cbb 5/80)

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Quote: each statement carries a hidden condition, roughly, 'if execution is here, do ...' [»adamEN1_1973]
Quote: a procedural language is efficient because it restricts conjunction to sequential composition and prevents disjunction and negation [»hoarCA9_1987]
Quote: in paper solutions, negation seldom used; e.g., 'and' appeared 6.1 times per participant while 'not' appeared 0.1 times [»paneJF2_2001]
Quote: in paper solutions, 90% of occurrences of 'then' concerned sequencing; instead of consequence [»paneJF2_2001]

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Quote: "operational" approach to programming specifies a sequence of steps to obtain a result
QuoteRef: demeA3_1979 ;;6 "Statements are the operational units of the [Russell] language. [basic procedure calls and compound control statements

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QuoteRef: adamEN1_1973 ;;15 statements are future imperatives (Whenever x do statement)

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Quote: an APT statement uses major-word/modifier; e.g., goto/setp, and L1=line/pt1,pt2 [»browSA11_1963, OK]
Quote: an APT instruction statement uses relationships and definitions to tell what action is to be carried out [»rossDT3_1957]

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Quote: the world of statements is a disorderly one, with few, useful mathematical properties

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