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actor machines
commitment as a system
communicating sequential processes
group names
multiple activities in a user interface
organizations as systems
roles of a relationship

Subtopic: what is a role up

Quote: a role is a task or group of interrelated tasks carried out by persons in development or operation of a system; a person may have multiple roles [»nygaK_1981]
Quote: humans can play many concurrent roles for processes at different levels; should be definable and coordinated [»engeDC_1963]
Quote: an actor is a person who plays a role; a single person may play several roles in any order [»holtAW_1979]
Quote: a role must be fully explicable if a computer is to act in the role; roles of real, responsible people are not explicable [»holtAW_1979]

Subtopic: security roles up

Quote: secure transactions via enrollment in a privileged group (safe dealing); resources relative to requesting organization [»gladHM5_2001]
Quote: 'A as R' means that A is a principal in role R with reduced rights; A=>(A as R) [»wobbE2_1994]
Quote: security by least privilege; give only those privileges needed to accomplish the task [»schnB_2000]

Subtopic: organizational rules up

Quote: the rules of an organization include when it's too late and what to do about it, whom to give it to, etc. [»holtAW5_1983]

Subtopic: role as state/actions up

Quote: a role's behavior is defined by a state/action sequence; its rules express the possible state/action sequences [»holtAW5_1983]
Quote: associated with each role is a set of possible states; an activity changes the states of the corresponding actors [»holtAW_1979]
Quote: a role is always is one of a set of possible states; no concurrent activity [»holtAW5_1983]
Quote: an XCP protocol defines an office procedure with a state-transition graph for each object, roles, and role states (for non-resident objects) [»cashPM2_1985]

Subtopic: objects in roles up

Quote: transmitting an object through role space changes its access rights appropriately [»holtAW11_1981]
Quote: the same file in different locations can enable different activities, e.g., on a desk and in a file drawer [»holtAW8_1977c]
Quote: when a thing transfers between roles, a negative thing transfers in the opposite direction; e.g., credit/debit [»holtAW3_1979]

Subtopic: interacting roles up

Quote: role space is organizational space partitioned into roles; adjacent areas interact [»holtAW11_1981]
Quote: coincident transitions imply that two roles interact in a common activity; the transitions express the same fact [»holtAW3_1979]
Quote: interacting roles always perform the same actions [»holtAW5_1983]

Subtopic: managing roles up

Quote: the key to personal role management is organizing information according to one's roles; create/abandon roles, insert/delete sub-roles, combine roles and objects [»kandE3_1998]
Quote: make a role's schedules, documents, and correspondence visually available; visual cues of goals, tasks, events, and related individuals
Quote: use hierarchical windows to structure a work environment according to roles

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