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Programs are frequently split into sections. For instance declarations are specified separately from instructions, comment headings document each procedure, and procedures are specified before the program. The sections may specify program overlays or they may divide a program into single-entrance/exit modules. Program sections are heavily used in COBOL and RPG where programs are split into an environment division, a data division, input and output divisions, and calculation divisions. (cbb 5/80)
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QuoteRef: granRL_1970 ;;for simulation have block descriptors then system description specifying the interfaces
QuoteRef: kuznOP6_1972 ;;957 section 1: i/o section 2: items and constraints 3: metadescription
QuoteRef: nappRB2_1976 ;;26 macros defined ahead of program and of use
QuoteRef: polsPG3_1973 ;;242 3 sections: declaration, control and report
QuoteRef: seedH_1971 ;;37 program by specification of processor info, file descriptions, line counter (paging control), input specification, output specification and calculations.

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Quote: Cobol's data division provides physical and logical descriptions of files [»sammJE_1969, OK]
Quote: Cobol makes clear distinctions between actions, data, and environment [»sammJE_1969]
QuoteRef: sammJE5_1962 ;;123 four divisions (machine independence): id div, environment div (equipment data div (file and record descriptions), and procedure div
QuoteRef: sammJE5_1962 ;;133 labeled units called paragraphs and sections of paragraphs for overlaying

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