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A computer is increasingly a medium for communication and information. The Internet makes remote resources freely available.

Information architecture is the design of a system for information access and update.

Hypertext is interconnected information, made practical by computers. The Web is a well-known example. Its interconnectivity simplifies access to information -- replacing a trip to the library with a click of the mouse. Links reflect the uniquely human ability to link disparate facts.

Computers store information in databases and files. This communication media will continually enrich itself as people develop content and learn new ways to use the information. For example, a text editor allows you to continually edit as you write. Programs allow you to simulate other worlds. (cbb 6/06)

Subtopic: information architecture up

Quote: information systems should be n-dimensional, allowing writers and educators to be information architects [»younG_1988]
Quote: each user is at the center of a customized, information universe; each path is designed for an audience viewpoint [»younG_1988]

Subtopic: computer as service up

Quote: services are expected to fail; the computer disappears; mass appeal from new, updated, improved, etc. [»tursWM10_2003]

Subtopic: hypertext as communication medium up

Quote: the Web is a shared information space; everyone stores and structure their own information; easily referenced from anywhere; easy to use by everyone [»fielRT5_2002]
Quote: for effective view navigation: views must be small, navigation should not require too many steps, and the path to a target must be discoverable [»furnGW3_1997]
Quote: the small views requirement: the number of links from a node must be small compared to the total size of the viewing graph [»furnGW3_1997]
Quote: short paths requirement: the number of links between pairs of nodes must be small compared to the size of the viewing graph [»furnGW3_1997]
Quote: a table improves view traversability because the neighborhoods are constant size and the diameter of the graph is the square root of its total size [»furnGW3_1997]
Quote: navigability requirement: a link is well-matched for a target if it is not misleading and if the target has a least one inferred-to link [»furnGW3_1997]
Quote: residue requirement: a link must describe not just the next node, but the whole to-set accessible via the link; difficult to achieve [»furnGW3_1997]
Quote: Hypertext is a computer-based medium for thinking and communication [»conkJ9_1987]
Quote: hypertext models the deep structure of human idea processing; allows three-dimensional navigation through information [»carlPA_1988]
Quote: hypertext captures the deep structure of information; best for complex information or information with imprecise internal relationships [»carlPA_1988]
Quote: Hypertext is clay [»vandA7_1988]

Subtopic: computer as communication medium up

Quote: the PeopleWeb combines a global object model with a portable user context; better online communities and information discovery [»ramaR8_2007]
Quote: a computer system can be seen as a medium for communicating messages within a group [»holtAW11_1966]
Quote: a computer should be seen as a medium for communication instead of an autonomous agent [»clanWJ1_1987]
Quote: computers provide an active medium that can respond to queries like an individual teacher [»kayA3_1977]
Quote: participants in real-time conferences can access and manipulate information dynamically [»sariS10_1985]
Quote: Dynabook should combine the flexibility of media such as paper with the power of devices such as cars [»kayA3_1977]
Quote: Smalltalk is part of a general medium for communication only if it is usable by casual users

Subtopic: computer as simulation medium up

Quote: a computer is a universal medium in that it can simulate any other medium [»kayA3_1977]
Quote: a message is a simulation of an idea either representational or abstract
Quote: simulation is the central notion of Dynabook [»kayA3_1977]
Quote: simulate programs for teaching, programming style, and debugging [»lickJC5_1962]

Subtopic: database as communication medium up

Quote: information in a database is part of a communication process between people; with translations to and from formal languages [»kentW_1978]
Quote: availability of direct access storage device changed viewpoint from stationary viewer of data on magnetic tape to explorer of data in database [»bachCW11_1973]
Quote: computers are active devices for long-duration messages [»goodFL_1981]
Quote: messages to a computer allow true literacy since you can interact over long durations and distances [»goodFL_1981]

Subtopic: text editor as communication medium up

Quote: using a text editor can improve the writing process and product; e.g., use for reviewing work and comments [»daiuC_1981]

Subtopic: problems with computer communication up

Quote: it is disturbing when indirect communication by data screens is substituted for human communication [»nygaK_1981]
Quote: can organize navigable structures by similarity; but all similarity is local without good-residue of things far away [»furnGW3_1997]

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