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exception handling by recovery block or rescue clause
exception handling by try..catch
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Exception handling can be attached to the definition of procedures and data objects. It supersedes the object's definition when the object fails. With procedures, this provides default exception handling for all invocations of the procedure. With data objects, it provides responses to range failure and other data inconsistencies. (cbb 5/80)
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Quote: a database schema needs a consistent definition of all terms; does not exist, so use exceptions [»borgA10_1986]
Quote: exception translation -- catch low-level exceptions and throw new exceptions in terms of the high-level abstraction [»blocJ_2001]

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Quote: failure atomic -- a failed method does not change the state; leave the object in a well-defined, usable state [»blocJ_2001]

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Quote: handle modified types by defining error handlers for each version; these handlers fixup an old version's behavior [»zdonSB10_1986]
Quote: an exception handler defines interpreted extensions to handle variants and exceptional data [»borgA10_1986]
Quote: handle exceptional subclasses and instances by exception handling triggered by the exceptional data [»borgA10_1986]

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Quote: a CLU procedure can either return or signal an exceptional condition; both can provide result objects

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QuoteRef: goodJB12_1975 ;;685 object-oriented exception handlers eg AED allows exception handler as part of object-definition
QuoteRef: goodJB12_1975 ;;686 explicit declaration of exceptions possible from a procedure eg returns (fixed) [exceptional: ...]
QuoteRef: reynCF3_1971 ;;218 handling exceptions-- linked data list with each section containing exceptional handling

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