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Subtopic: spreadsheet as radically tailorable up

Quote: a radically tailorable system allows a wide range of different applications by modifying a working application; e.g., spreadsheets [»maloTW11_1992]
Quote: spreadsheets are successful because of end-user programming; rarely available in other applications or requires conventional programming [»myerB3_2000]
Quote: why are spreadsheets easy to use? visible, up-to-date, one cell at a time, modeless, direct action, no conditionals, independent cells, any data type, natural model, smart assistance, multiple views [»myerBA_1992]
Quote: VisiCalc may be the first piece of software that allowed a non-programmer to create an application [»coucJ_1981]
Quote: use copying to make programming more like a spreadsheet than a keypunch; representation = execution; free of the limits of paper

Subtopic: business integration up

Quote: a typical business report contains labeled columns, identifying strings, and a hierarchy of totals [»glasRL9_1997]
Quote: spreadsheet formulas are like constraints; fits business mental model, but not programmer's mental model [»myerB3_2000]
Quote: use electronic meeting room and publish-subscribe spreadsheets for collaborative, space mission proposals; good predictions [»markG6_2002]
Quote: use publish-subscribe spreadsheets with 10-20 conversations behind each published calculation; 11-519 parameters per subsystem; thousands of underlying calculations [»markG6_2002]
Quote: Star provides several calculators with easy transport to and from documents; some are spreadsheets [»smitDC_1982]

Subtopic: automatic reexecution up

Quote: no side effects to spreadsheet formulas. In general, want to minimize side effects, provide clear cause-and-effect relations, and trace/debug the results [»myerBA_1992]
Quote: editing the session record automatically reexecutes the edited commands; like a spreadsheet [»pembS1_1987]
Quote: transformations shown at once on visible records; like a spreadsheet

Subtopic: typed and named rows, columns, cells up

Quote: Improv spreadsheet uses items to name rows and columns and to identify cells [»yageT10_1990]
Quote: Improv items can be collected into a group and used as a range; ranges can also be itemA..itemB [»yageT10_1990]
Quote: Improv items can be assigned a type category (a one-word description); appear on tiles near the row or column [»yageT10_1990]
Quote: instantly get a new view of a spreadsheet by moving the Systems Category tile from rows to columns; makes comparisons between systems easy [»yageT10_1990]

Subtopic: formulas and cell definition up

Quote: an Improv formula gives a calculation and destination for results; may define multiple cells, e.g. Total=Quantity*Cost calculates all Total's [»yageT10_1990]
Quote: in case of overlap, Improv can select which formula defines a cell
Quote: Improv recurrence formula's define cells in terms of the first, previous, current, next, and last cells for an item [»yageT10_1990]
Quote: restrict application of Improv formulas with the IN and SKIP clauses; restricts formula to/from specific cells [»yageT10_1990]
Quote: use Star's CUStomer Programming Language (CUSP) to write computation rules for fields [»smitDC4_1982]

Subtopic: user-defined functions up

Quote: user-defined functions for Excel using vectors and matrices as first-class values; parameters as a subset of cells [»joneSP8_2003]
Quote: reuse existing spreadsheet code by creating a user-defined function; low-cost and low-risk

Subtopic: examples up

QuoteRef: hogbD10_1971 ;;2 works of 201X62 matrix workspace with columns for temporary results

Subtopic: problems with spreadsheets up

Quote: users build elaborate models with spreadsheets; no structure, just a collection of equations [»joneSP8_2003]
Quote: in 1-2-3 spreadsheets, have a formula for every calculated cell; large spreadsheets form a fragile web of interdependences
Quote: an experimental study of spreadsheets found 44% contained an error

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