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Subtopic: tabular specification up

Quote: a requirements document is primarily a set of tabular, mathematical functions from external state variables to single output values [»parnDL2_1986]
Quote: specify a deterministic program by a mathematical function; use a tabular representation [»parnDL5_1988]
Quote: document program by displays that specify the program's function and specify the function of omitted sub-programs; short enough to understand [»parnDL5_1988]
Quote: requirements given as functions from aircraft operating conditions to outputs; e.g., ??LATGT70 changes value at 70 latitude [»heniKL1_1980]

Subtopic: function specification up

Quote: a Larch routine interface specification has its name, its parameter names and types, a trait for describing its operators, pre-conditions, and post-conditions
Quote: the Larch Shared Language specifies traits; i.e., operators, their properties, and their constraints; may be an abstract data type [»guttJV9_1985]
Quote: a requirement specification defines the function, input, output, initial conditions, logical constraints, performance, and design constraints [»belfPC_1976]
Quote: every function can be described by the output data items that it uniquely determines [»heniKL1_1980]
Quote: for general purpose devices with data items used for multiple-purposes, separate into different panels and functions

Subtopic: response to stimuli up

Quote: an internal specification defines responses in terms of stimuli histories; avoids commitment to an implementation [»cobbRH11_1990]
Quote: Cleanroom's black-box view defines system responses in terms of stimuli histories; implementation-independent [»cobbRH11_1990]
Quote: Cleanroom's state-box view defines system responses in terms of state data and the current stimuli; data-driven, captures stimuli history [»cobbRH11_1990]

Subtopic: nondeterministic specification up

Quote: the main advantage of nondeterminism is in specifying a process; allows either implementation

Subtopic: interface specification up

Quote: specify input domain for a software system by its symbolic input attribute decomposition (SIAD); for discipline, test plan, and statistical sampling [»choCK_1987]
Quote: in the hardware interface description, every input or output described by a data item form [»heniKL1_1980]
Quote: describe input and output in terms of external resources and effects [»heniKL1_1980]

Subtopic: functional vs object-oriented up

Quote: the procedure-oriented and object-oriented views of programming are fundamentally different for both design and implementation [»stroB_1991]
Quote: design by functional decomposition aligns poorly with object-oriented code [»clarS11_1999]

Subtopic: studies of functional specification up

Quote: programmers who used functional binding when it was natural were nearly twice as likely to pass the acid test [»demaT5_1989]

Subtopic: problems with functional specification up

Quote: functional design of software leads to brittle systems that can not change easily

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