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People naturally band together. Without mutual support, life is difficult. People recognize the importance of society. If necessary, people use force to maintain a society.

Social organizations are founded on commitment. If you commit to the norms and expectations of the society, others can depend on your actions. In unity there is strength.

Language, meaning, and one's sense of self are based on commitment, all anchors against change. (cbb 7/06)

Subtopic: commitment as covenant up

Quote: a commonweath arises from the convenant of everyone with everyone to give up their rights to a leviathan in return for peace and defense [»hobbT_1651, OK]
Quote: men must perform their convenants made, enforced by a coercive power [»hobbT_1651, OK]
Quote: covenants, without the sword, are but words, and of no strength to secure a man at all

Subtopic: organization based on commitment up

Quote: the capacity to make and communicate commitments is a universal aspect of human social activity; how this is done varies [»winoT1_1987]
Quote: organizations are networks of commitments [»winoT_1986]
Quote: the core of an organization is networks of recurrent conversations for meeting requests and contingencies [»winoT_1986]
Quote: a human society operates through requests and promises that form a network of commitments; can computerize the conversations for action [»winoT_1986]
Quote: a plan only succeeds if it gets commitment by key people to work on specific tasks

Subtopic: self as commitment up

Quote: making and keeping promises anchors oneself in life; must forgive the cloud of broken promises [»carrJ4_2001]
Quote: self and commitment are synonymous, a synthesis of eternal and temporal; human freedom is the freedom of being self-defining [»dreyHL_1991]
Quote: the faith of religiousness B risks losing everything by a total commitment; the self relates itself to God by itself alone [»dreyHL_1991]
Quote: the self must manifest its basic nothingness in each conditional commitment; an empty, formal, constancy [»dreyHL_1991]
Quote: steadiness and constancy come from an unconditional stand, an absolute commitment to something specific

Subtopic: language and commitment up

Quote: language depends on a shared, unformalized background; needed at a breakdown to negotiate a new meaning and speak with commitment [»clanWJ1_1987]
Quote: day-to-day people are blind to the pervasiveness of commitment; need education for communicative competence [»winoT_1986]
Quote: we are each responsible for the consequences of how our acts will be understood within our shared tradition; despite lack of rules [»winoT_1986]
Quote: choose to acquire a financial contract (anytime u) or choose either contract (or) [»joneSP9_2000]

Subtopic: meaning and commitment up

Quote: language is action, not communication; the basis of language is commitment within a social structure [»winoT_1986]
Quote: communication is a process of commitment and interpretation, not one of transmitting information or symbols
Quote: proposition vs. statement--a proposition has a truth value while a statement is a proposition whose truth a speaker has committed to [»martAP_1990]
Quote: every language act has consequences; immediate actions and commitments for future action; if breakdown in commitment than a dialog [»winoT_1986]
Quote: meaning arises in the commitment expressed in speech acts [»winoT_1986]
Quote: all serious communication is done with specific expectations of receiving appropriate replies [»holtAW2_1974]
Quote: when answering or forwarding a message, InformationLens lists a menu of message types; e.g., bug fix request ==> bug fix commitment [»maloTW4_1987]

Subtopic: commitment vs. abstraction up

Quote: commitment of representation decisions is the inverse of abstraction; program derivation is a sequence of commitments [»scheWL9_1983]

Subtopic: problems with commitment up

Quote: premature commitment -- avoid making a decision before there is information to do so [»joneSP8_2003]
Quote: we need face-to-face or oral conversations to remain human beings endowed with moods and a broad understanding [»florCF_1980]
Quote: computers are incapable of making commitments and hence cannot enter into language [»winoT_1986]
Quote: if the present age has leveled qualitative distinctions, how can I be committed to anything?
Quote: religiousness A's absolute relationship to an absolute God results in despair at sustaining the relationship; all is leveled and relative [»dreyHL_1991]
Quote: authentic Dasein has no absolute, defining commitments; commitments only as long as the Situation demands that commitment

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