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Subtopic: application framework up

Quote: an application framework defines a complete application without content; the programmer supplies application-specific code as building blocks [»stroB_1991]
Quote: the classes in an application framework have fat interfaces that are hardly types in the traditional sense
Quote: build applications from a library of building blocks

Subtopic: program generator, e.g., syntax analysis up

Quote: use application generators when similar software systems, frequent rewrites of one software system, or many software prototypes [»krueCW6_1992]
Quote: a program generator allows code in a host language while having an overview of the application; more flexible and powerful [»johnSC7_1978b]
Quote: a program generator overcomes problem of having an algorithm in all its variations [»johnSC7_1978b]
Quote: mule parsers are 2-6 times faster than yacc or bison; yacc-compatible [»bhamA2_1998]
Quote: efficient computation of LALR(1) look-ahead sets; used Tarjan's algorithm for strongly-connected components [»dereF8_1979]

Subtopic: family generator up

Quote: FAST organizes software production around families of systems; identify family requirements and abstractions, create a language for specifying individual requirements, and generate software for family members [»guptNK1_1997]
Quote: create an application engineering environment for producing a family of programs; include a language for specifying family members; takes about five staff years [»guptNK1_1997]

Subtopic: readable program up

Quote: the ANTLR parser generator produces an LL(k) parser that has readable code for productions, semantic predicates, and lookahead predicates; can handle unparsed subtrees [»mcarG10_2002]

Subtopic: radically tailorable for many applications, e.g., spreadsheets up

Quote: a radically tailorable system allows a wide range of different applications by modifying a working application; e.g., spreadsheets [»maloTW11_1992]

Subtopic: connecting forms together up

Quote: can interactively specify input forms but still need a programming language as 'glue' [»coucJ_1981]
Quote: with the Oval system for cooperative work can define new object types, and add new fields, views, agents, rules and links [»maloTW11_1992]

Subtopic: wizards for building and setting up systems, e.g., COM up

Quote: if generate COM components via wizards, can easily generate framework, but code may be complex and fragile [»grayDN5_1998]
Quote: avoid code-generating wizards that you do not understand; your code and wizard's code are intermingled [»huntA_2000]
Quote: procedural message passing is more complicated than data-parallel or shared-variable programs; use an application builder [»wilsGV_1995]

Subtopic: domain-oriented languages up

Quote: for large applications, should develop a language tailored to the application, then implement it to run efficiently [»schwJT_1978]
Quote: after arithmetic expressions, there was a flurry of domain-oriented languages; but not successful in expressing problems symbolically [»abboRJ8_1987]

Subtopic: history of application generators up

QuoteRef: grocJM_1982 ;;390 good bibliography on application generators
QuoteRef: cheaTE_1976 ;;50 medium scale programs, e.g., data processing applications: either from existing package (e.g., statistics) or from scratch (lots of difficulty here since often do not understand)

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