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Subtopic: configuration and consistency up

Quote: a configuration object is a set of objects defining a consistent domain, i.e., a version
Quote: consistency in immutable systems is a (named) consistent group of versions of related conceptual objects [»walpJ6_1988]
Quote: the DSEE configuration thread states which version of each component goes into a build; specific, most recent, etc. [»leblDB5_1984]
Quote: every new version of a DSEE element is tagged with the name of the current task that created the element
Quote: Cedar compiler will not compile out of date interfaces; makes it easier to change interfaces [»donaJ7_1985a]
Quote: a software release is a set of tested modules that is maintained by Modeler; changes can occur up to the release date [»lampBW6_1983]
Quote: PIE defines a layer as a coordinated set of changes to multiple objects; a sequence of layers is a context [»halaFG7_1988]
Quote: freeze configurations of local applications; avoids spontaneous replacement of dependent components; need private copies [»briaM10_1999]
Quote: all versions of a Vesta package are subdirectories of the package directory; individual files are not versioned

Subtopic: policy vs. settings up

Quote: prefer policy over tunable settings for security and resource allocation; express in terms of goals; allows audit, avoids user error [»kampPH7_2004]

Subtopic: version as sets up

Quote: when versions are available, is it one object (the current version) or many versions [»kentW_1978]

Subtopic: build configuration up

Quote: SCRAM's Requirements doc lists the ToolDocs and versions used by a project [»willC4_2001]
Quote: SCRAM defines a shared, central release area and multiple, developer areas; each developer area is an incremental change to a release area [»willC4_2001]
Quote: configuration management includes the build environment as well as the source code; only use what is in your toolbox [»willC4_2001]

Subtopic: developer build up

Quote: SCRAM defines a shared, central release area and multiple, developer areas; each developer area is an incremental change to a release area [»willC4_2001]

Subtopic: configuration vs. version up

Quote: should not compile configuration information into code; avoids recompilation, avoids minor modifications [»allmE7_1983]
Quote: CADES defines variants for related versions of information with generations for minor variations [»pratGD9_1976]

Subtopic: configuration vs. build up

Quote: DSEE separates the program's makefile (system model) from the versions used (configuration thread); a build is a binary pool with a bound configuration thread (BCT) [»lubkD6_1991]

Subtopic: version migration up

Quote: a version adapter maps a value from the old to new version of a type; use run-time type tags to identify versioned types [»duggD9_2001]

Subtopic: problem with upgrades up

Quote: with multiple installations, users may reject releases; if so, multiple valid versions of the same module may evolve [»belaLA_1979]
Quote: if maintenance of old versions is required during development, side branches are needed; symbolic version names should be used [»tichWF9_1982]
Quote: C# overrides must include the override keyword; supports versioning when a base class introduces a new method [»wiltS10_2000]

Subtopic: mix and match up

Quote: except for interface changes, allow independent changes to individual modules; mix and match combinations of old and new versions [»parnDL3_1985]

Subtopic: multiple versions in memory up

Quote: PODUS uses a very large, sparse virtual-address space partitioned by version; each version contains object code and a binding table [»segaME3_1993]

Subtopic: configuration problems up

Quote: identifying a misconfiguration of a fully-racked, benchmark machine took nearly a week, full-time, around the globe [»cantB2_2006]

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