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Higher reliability, lower cost, and ease of expansion have made distributed control the most popular control system. It consists of two or more processors, analog or digital, connected together by communication channels. Control can be hierarchical, distributed among controllers, or centralized with one control system per process. (cbb 5/80)
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QuoteRef: controleng ;;5/77 39 Bothne RE: "The current emphasis in industrial control is toward distributed control systems.
Quote: System 2000 is a large data acquisition system for monitoring, scanning, alarming, logging, analysis and control; microcomputer-based [»controleng]
Quote: the control engineer dreams of having a computer in every control loop; microcontrollers make this possible [»controleng]

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Quote: non-hierarchical process structure may be more fault tolerant than hierarchical control [»gammRC10_1974]
Quote: distributed control can be hierarchical, one control system per process, or a few control functions per module [»instrumentcontrol, OK]
Quote: PIDCOM uses serial links and ASCII to communicate with its analog controllers

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