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Sense perception is not as straight forward as it might seem. We see objects and features but our senses presumably record sensory stimulations. One possiblity is that we actually see possibilities directly. Another is that we match percepts to identify what is there. Maybe is just familiarity from recognition. Maybe it's actually creating that reality. (cbb 5/94)
Subtopic: sense as motion up

Quote: sound is but the motion of the clapper carried to us by the bell, air, ear, nerve, brain, and outward nerves [»hobbT_1650, OK]
Quote: the things that really are in the world without us, are those motions by which these seemings are caused

Subtopic: color up

Quote: any three differently colored lights whatsoever can always be mixed to produce any color whatsoever; may need to take one light from the other [»feynRP_1963]
Quote: brown light is a dark red and yellow mixture against a lighter background [»feynRP_1963]

Subtopic: sound up

Quote: sound is the vibration of the air moving the cartilages of the tympanum; waves are rapidly propagated from trembling bodies; frequent waves have high pitch, rare waves low pitch [»galiG_1623]
Quote: words, voice, and sound are made of atoms; a shout makes the windpipe rough; noise and voice strike the sense when they crawl in the ear [»lucr_55]
Quote: animals use different sounds in different situations; man's vocal range can distinguish all the different things he found [»lucr_55]

Subtopic: smell and taste up

Quote: to many animals, smell defines the existence and nature of a thing [»kentW_1978]
Quote: taste and smell determined by the size, shape, quantity, and speed of minute particles; either fall to the tongue or rise to the nose [»galiG_1623]
Quote: the sense of taste is flavours squeezed out of food onto the tongue [»lucr_55]

Subtopic: heat up

Quote: motion is the cause of heat; fire is a multitude of minute particles, having a shape and velocity, that pentrate the body [»galiG_1623]

Subtopic: number perception up

Quote: beyond four, quantities are vague; must count to find out [»ifraG_2000]

Subtopic: perception at atomic level up

Quote: eyes register light at the atomic limit of one light quantum; other organs may have similar capabilities [»bohrN8_1932]
Quote: when light strikes strongly absorbing organic substances (e.g., rhodopsin), all electrons shift by one double bond; effectively moving an electron the width of the molecule [»feynRP_1963]
Quote: 5 or 6 photons will activate an eye's nerve cell; if a single photon, would see flashes of equal intensity, i.e., particles [»feynRP_1985]

Subtopic: sensory icons up

Quote: an icon is a temporary record of sensory input that lasts 1/4 second; e.g., movies and holding words across eye fixations [»sowaJF_1984]
Quote: hearing and touch also rely on percepts and icons (8 seconds and 20 seconds resp.); none for olfaction [»sowaJF_1984]

Subtopic: polarization up

Quote: the human eye is slightly sensitive to light polarization; can learn to tell the direction of the sun by rotating your head about the axis of vision [»feynRP_1963]

Subtopic: muscles and perception up

Quote: it is impossible to turn both eyes out at the same time because the eye's muscles are controlled together [»feynRP_1963]
Quote: ambient visual channel optimized for locomotion information; like peripheral vision

Subtopic: active perception of reality up

Quote: study color vision by understanding the participation of the visual system in generating a color space; not by mapping the colorful world on the visual system [»matuHR_1980]
Quote: an object's geometry effected the visual system, and the visual system used geometric relations to specify color distinctions; but the geometries did not match [»matuHR_1980]
Quote: the phoneme may be the consequence of perception instead of an intermediate form [»dreyHL_1979]

Subtopic: names up

Quote: tastes, odors, colors are mere names as far material objects are concerned; they are only excitations of living animals; same as tickling and armpits

Subtopic: perceptual schema up

Quote: perceptual schemas to represent environment, motor schemas for motor control; plus coordinated-control program [»arbiMA_1987]
Quote: a visual schema is a pattern of percepts from previous experience that are used to build models for interpreting new experience [»sowaJF_1984]
Quote: motor system is responsive to the visual framework, e.g., moving the walls around an infant causes a fall [»trevC_1984]

Subtopic: perception of reality up

Quote: need a theory how perceiving keeps an animal in contact with reality for the successful conduct of its actions [»turvMT_1984]
Quote: perception should be viewed as the specification of an external reality; not as a grasping of that reality; like hallucination [»matuHR_1980]
Quote: in the frog vision papers, assumed that the frog perceived an external reality; e.g., feature detectors [»matuHR_1980]
Quote: Maturna, et. al. demonstrated that the visual system responded to patterns of local variations, e.g., dark spots; not direct representation [»winoT_1986]

Subtopic: perception as topology up

Quote: both movements and perceptions of an organism are determined topologically; e.g., drawing a star [»bernN_1935]
Quote: perceptual recognition and motor reproduction is sensitive to spatial orientation; e.g., drawing or recognizing upside down figures [»bernN_1935]

Subtopic: perception of regularity up

Quote: regard as real those sense perceptions which are common to different individuals and hence impersonal; e.g., rigid bodies [»einsA_1956, OK]
Quote: familiarity is the source of much of the organization and order of conscious experience; even for an elephant in your room [»searJR_1992]
Quote: there exist regularities over perceptual categories that are not stateable over stimulatory categories [»pylyZW_1986]
Quote: there may be no restrictions on how stimulation is compatible with some perceptual interpretation
Quote: though no two people perceive reality the same, views overlap enough to allow cooperative work [»kentW_1978]

Subtopic: perception of objects up

Quote: perception is organized into objects and features, not undifferentiated shapes; consciousness is of something as such and such [»searJR_1992]
Quote: our universe is not chaos; we perceive and name beings and objects that have stable structures [»thomR_1975]
Quote: understanding a concept and seeing an object are similar processes; both are through intermediaries such as retinas and linguistic expressions [»churA_1951]
Quote: before the discovery of chromosomes, they did not appear in published drawings of cell nuclei [»sowaJF_1984]

Subtopic: no categorical perception up

Quote: no categorical perception for fluent ASL signers; sharp crossovers in labeling, yet can discriminate similar stimuli in the same category [»newpEL_1982]

Subtopic: perception via brain states, Descartes up

Quote: since things change, they are perceived by mind alone; self perception is the clearest of all [»descR_1641]
Quote: if the environment is only known through brain states, how can it be known objectively and accurately? [»turvMT_1984]
Quote: Descartes' doctrine of Corporeal Ideas--all awareness's are awareness's of states of the body
Quote: the Cartesian program seeks to impose subjective, meaningful categories on an objective, meaningless surround
Quote: perception--the nervous system generates phenomena rather than acting as a filter on reality; like hallucination [»winoT_1986]

Subtopic: perception as comparison/matching up

Quote: the brain searches percepts for ones that match parts of a new sensory icon [»sowaJF_1984]
Quote: the brain needs to compare the differences between perception and representations of internally controlled elements [»bernN_1957]

Subtopic: harmony up

Quote: consonant sounds have harmonics of the same frequency
Quote: notes sound dissonant if their upper harmonics have frequencies near enough to cause a rapid beat [»feynRP_1963]

Subtopic: visualizing music up

Quote: Mozart saw all of piece at a single glance, like a beautiful painting; heard all at once [»sowaJF_1984]

Subtopic: mirror image up

Quote: a mirror image reverses front and back, not right and left; e.g., top and bottom not reversed [»bateG_1979]

Subtopic: statistics up

Quote: the Compendium is a manual Hypertext of reference data on human perception and performance; 3000 pages text and 2000 figures, tables, illustrations [»glusRJ5_1989]

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