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change notification
configuration management
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dependency analysis
event time
hypertext as a global database
immutable files and data
incremental development
management of large software projects
managing changes in hypertext
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read-only and write-once file systems
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software change management
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temporal database
temporal relationships
text compression
updating information in a distributed system
version identification
Subtopic: version as released change up

Quote: every change to software will be re-experienced, all at once, by users running a new version [»tognB_1992]
Note: nothing should happen at an upgrade; everything should work as before despite many changes [»cbb_1990, OK]
Quote: every successful major piece of software will be worked on by a succession of programmers and designers, ported to new platforms, adapted to new uses, and reorganized. Must plan for multiple versions [»stroB_1991]
Quote: release manager for each Apache release; identify critical problems, tracks repairs; controls access to the repository [»mockA7_2002]

Subtopic: version as state change, logical clock up

Quote: use object versions to implement logical clocks; i.e., changes to state; slower than message clock ticks [»cherDR12_1993]

Subtopic: branching, version tree up

Quote: inter-file branching uses path names for variants, just like copying; files are linear sets of revisions [»seiwC3_1996]
Quote: a file has a name, temporal revision names, and variant names; the variant selects alternative implementations from a branch point; forms a version tree [»seiwC3_1996]
Quote: combining revisions and variants creates two hierarchies with disparate semantics; emphasizes the mainline and branches of existing files [»seiwC3_1996]
Quote: if integration history tracks individual deltas between variants, do not need to merge deltas back into the source [»seiwC3_1996]
Quote: Piccolo used inter-file branching without branch views or integration history; supported dozens of products over three continents; P3 is available [»seiwC3_1996]
Quote: during development, 5ESS international software is one codeline; after release, multiple streams for unique customers and applications [»hoshJ7_1998]

Subtopic: revision number up

Quote: identify database changes with a number; reapply the changes in the same order; better than release number or date/time [»amblSW5_2007]

Subtopic: version name up

Quote: a Vesta repository stores every version of every file as immutable sources in a hierarchical name space; the path includes a version name or number
Quote: all versions of a Vesta package are subdirectories of the package directory; individual files are not versioned

Subtopic: version update up

Quote: database must know its current version; an UpdateSchema script automatically updates a database to a specific version [»amblSW5_2007]

Subtopic: promotion model up

Quote: after each software development step, it must move to another place; avoids hidden information and insures isolation [»mcgoMJ7_1983]
Quote: software should move automatically during development; makes milestones visible [»mcgoMJ7_1983]

Subtopic: lightweight versions up

Quote: synchronize and stabilize -- daily builds, two or more milestones, frequent alpha and beta releases [»cusuMA10_1999]

Subtopic: check in/check out up

Quote: checking out a Vesta package reserves a version name and makes a working copy; builds use immutable snapshots created by vadvance; checking in a package binds the version name to the last snapshot and deletes the working copy [»heydA_2006]

Subtopic: modified version up

Quote: represent modified object by original surrogate, new timestamp, modified data [»copeG3_1980]

Subtopic: partial history up

Quote: all file versions in Cedar are full copies; automatically limits number of retained versions [»giffDK3_1988]
Quote: Cedar keeps two previous versions of modified source files; most files are read-only without old versions [»giffDK3_1988]

Subtopic: hypertext versioning and links up

Quote: versioning is helpful for Hypertext but a branched version history causes difficulty for links [»halaFG7_1988]
Quote: use versioning to preserve and update hypertext links [»ashmH9_2000]

Subtopic: immutable version up

Quote: while objects are not immutable, a version is immutable; change version whenever change object [»lampBW10_1983]
Quote: with immutability, consistency is a naming problem; consistency via domain relative addressing without serialization (more concurrency) [»walpJ6_1988]
Quote: the Elephant file system saves all important versions; easy undo of recent changes [»santDS12_1999]
Quote: a Vesta repository stores every version of every file as immutable sources in a hierarchical name space; the path includes a version name or number

Subtopic: important versions up

Quote: important versions of a file have a long delay or large delta to the next version [»santDS12_1999]
Quote: half of data and 98% of updates stored in Keep-One files, quarter of data in Keep-Safe, two thirds of files as Keep-Landmarks; distribution files mislabeled [»santDS12_1999]

Subtopic: locked revision for editing up

Quote: in RCS, lock breaking automatically sends an e-mail message to the lock's owner; only used in real emergencies or if owner resigns [»tichWF7_1985]

Subtopic: editing multiple versions up

Quote: Version Editor users were 40% more productive than text editor users on files with version markup via preprocessor directives; big effort saving [»atkiDL7_2002]

Subtopic: examples up

Quote: SCCS is a source code control system; all updates require a formal change history [»knudDB_1976]
Quote: in 1991, DSEE managed a billion lines of code; new version for multiple-platform software developers

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