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Subtopic: check everything up

Quote: test every logical path in a program at least once; uncovers most coding errors; customers should require a certified test [»roycWW8_1970]
Quote: use ATAfakeIt to force an assertion failure when testing code; exercise each assertion [»millKW3_2001]

Subtopic: database quality up

Quote: use database quality to evalute software; many applications have flawed databases without much improvement over the years [»blahM2_2004]

Subtopic: statistical quality control up

Quote: statistical quality control is useful for software development [»choCK_1987]
Quote: Cleanroom development with statistical quality control, mathematical verification, no unit debugging, incremental development, change control
Quote: under Cleanroom, high quality code rapidly becomes error free; expect defect free within a day or two of first execution [»lingRC10_1988]
Quote: Cleanroom develops software incrementally with statistical quality control; if too many errors then improve process [»millHD9_1987]

Subtopic: manufactoring quality control up

Quote: Sears established hundreds of new manufacturers in other countries, and it insisted on standards of workmanship, quality, delivery [»drucPF1_1958]
Quote: market leaders obtain higher prices and sell significantly higher-quality products and services [»buzzRD1_1975]

Subtopic: randomized testing up

Quote: wonglediff identifies numeric instability by running a program multiple times while randomly changing the floating-point rounding mode [»eggePR4_2005]

Subtopic: difference report up

Quote: wonglediff uses numdiff to produce an HTML report that highlights the numeric differences [»eggePR4_2005]

Subtopic: review up

Quote: program reviews improve quality, educate new programmers, provide overall view, and assist management review [»kralTM5_1975, OK]

Subtopic: reliable source up

Quote: can ensure quality of a entity by getting it from a reliable source or seeing the trademark of a reliable source [»maclBJ12_1983]

Subtopic: formal methods up

Quote: more reliable elevator scheduler from formal methods than informal analysis; style also better; study using 20 teams [»sobeAE3_2002]

Subtopic: checking code up

Quote: before running a sequence tape, manually simulate the computation on a degenerate case or initial point; compare intermediate and final results with the actual computation [»compHU_1946]

Subtopic: information quality up

Quote: there should be provisions for evaluating the information stored in a system [»sterTD11_1974]
Quote: electronic data publishing can revise or correct data after publication; difficult in print media [»cinkMJ5_1991]
Quote: GenBank checks sequence data far more extensively then reviewers do; many automatic checks [»cinkMJ5_1991]

Subtopic: subjective quality up

Quote: subjective quality is deciding what to build; must have a baseline, want more of linear elements, and excited by features [»cockA3_2008]

Subtopic: quality not needed up

Quote: many jobs are not worth doing right; e.g., agonizing over word choice in a shopping list [»bentJ2_1986]
Quote: good enough quality where benefits exceed cost of use; including compensating for defects [»armoP11_2002]
Quote: quantified quality requirements are not important; projects succeed or fail because of weak sponsors, isolation, poor leadership, sloppy design, sloppy testing

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