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Evolution is one of the great ideas of science. Successful genetic variations will pass the variations to succeeding generations. These variations lead to a proliferation of niches.

An efficient computer program does not allow for evolution. But a program may be designed to adjust parameters or structures according to experience. (cbb 4/98)

Subtopic: natural selection up

Quote: natural selection is incessantly ready for action; immeasurably superior to man's feeble efforts [»darwC_1859, OK]
Quote: the life of wild animals is a struggle for existence; procuring food, avoiding attacks, preserving their offspring, preserving the species [»wallAR8_1858, OK]
Quote: each year an immense number of birds must perish; twice the population dies annually [»wallAR8_1858, OK]
Quote: each animal depends on itself; those that die must be the weakest
Quote: slight differences lead to differences in survival and new species; an altered environment can exterminate varieties and parents of varieties [»wallAR8_1858, OK]
Quote: a new species can not revert to the original form; the original can not compete with the new
Quote: any cause however slight can lead to new species; because nature deals with nearly infinite individuals and time scales [»wallAR8_1858, OK]
Quote: Sarawak Law -- every species has come into existence at the same space and time as a pre-existing, closely allied species [»wallAR9_1855]
Quote: deduce the nature of biological history from isolated groups of facts about geological and biological events [»wallAR9_1855]
Quote: the survival of the fittest explains the variety of the animal and vegetable kingdoms [»wallAR_1870, OK]
Quote: in the beginning, there were many freaks that did not survive and reproduce; beasts have either wits, or bravery, or fleetness of foot to spare, ensuring their survival; beasts may be useful to us [»lucr_55]

Subtopic: living things evolve up

Quote: a living thing is what can evolve by natural selection [»shapR_1986]
Quote: need some sort of selective machinery to pluck the new idea or structure from the random; otherwise would not persist [»bateG_1979]
Quote: no species has come into existence twice
Quote: living things (autopoietic) are structure-determined systems with the potential of disintegration; leads to adaptation and evolution [»winoT_1986]
Quote: rudimentary organs appear frequently and have no value; must be due to natural law; species are not independent of pre-existings species [»wallAR9_1855]
Quote: nothing is born for our use; rather, that which is borne creates its own use; the tongue predates the word [»lucr_55]
Quote: the world is fresh and newborn; ships were recently improved; this book itself is new [»lucr_55]

Subtopic: return to type up

Quote: to survive in the wild, a domestic animal must return to something like the original wild stock [»wallAR8_1858, OK]

Subtopic: evolution vs. programming and efficiency up

Quote: biological systems must exchange programmability for efficiency and adaptability; product of evolution [»conrM5_1985]
Quote: system can not at the same time be programmable, efficient, and amenable to evolution [»conrM5_1985]
Quote: a randomly altered program rarely serves a useful function; unsuited to evolution [»conrM5_1985]
Quote: evolution developed complex behaviors from simple behaviors with each step following from the previous step without much search [»baumEB_2004]

Subtopic: proliferation of niches; flexibility up

Quote: evolution brings about a proliferation of niches; it is not a contest won by the fittest for some niche [»simoHA_1981]
Quote: with many sudden changes, only the most flexible survive, i.e., the weeds (less interdependent) [»branS_1974]
Quote: get tragedy if the universe is constructed according to a principle of maximum diversity; life is possible but not too easy [»dysoF_1988]
Quote: while vertebrate embryos are very similar, beetle larvae vary widely [»bateG_1979]
Quote: species can not be classified into circles or prearranged groups

Subtopic: learning vs. evolution up

Quote: the two great stochastic systems are learning and evolution; the unity of the combined system is necessary [»bateG_1979]
Quote: evolution and learning lead to overpacked ecologies and minds; the egg clears the memory banks of the species [»bateG_1979]
Quote: the difference between evolution and learning is similar to the different between digital and analog or name and process named [»bateG_1979]

Subtopic: organization vs. evolution and chance up

Quote: atoms, by trying each movement and combination, hit upon the building blocks of the earth, sky, sea, and living beings; without using design or intent [»lucr_55]
Quote: by trial and error, and probing, restless intellect, people have learned seamanship, agriculture, law, fortifications, weaponry, clothing, roads [»lucr_55]
Quote: if evolution is governed by chance, then why has it produced more and more complex structures, including human intelligence? [»thomR_1975]
Quote: evolution appears to be more organized then it ought to be from natural selection [»penrR_1989]
Quote: to assert that a unique and unrepeatable phenomenon occurs according to plan is gratuitous and otiose; e.g., the wave of evolution [»thomR_1975]
Quote: Wallace's Paradox is the unlikely evolution of human intelligence from apes [»brinS10_2000]

Subtopic: evolutionary improvement up

Quote: assess every improvement suggested by workmen; adopt a new standard if markedly superior; reward the workman [»taylRW_1911, OK]

Subtopic: evolutionary programs up

Quote: a program could randomly vary its evaluation function and select those variations that perform best
Quote: a computer can simulate the evolution of the entire Universe [»barrJD_1986]
Quote: for the 1981 Traveler game, Lenat culled the heuristics generated by EURISKO every 12 hours or so; neither could have won alone [»lenaDB10_1982]
Quote: program evolution has produced minds that mirror the structure of the world and perform amazing calculations about the world [»baumEB_2004]

Subtopic: early man up

Quote: early man lived on the plains with denser bone and survived on their own; then they chased their pray and banded with others [»lucr_55]
Quote: neighbors formed the bonds of friendship; neither to be harmed, nor to harm others

Subtopic: limits of evolution up

Quote: natural selection does not explain consciousness and the development of man
Quote: neither man's brain nor hairless back are explained by natural selection; e.g., people typically cover their back [»wallAR_1870, OK]
Quote: immediate material welfare can not explain mathematics, philosophy, yearning for abstract truth, transcending time and space, and spiritual development
[»wallAR_1870, OK]

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