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Subtopic: graph as a model up

Quote: AUTOPASS world model by graph with edges for attachments, constraints, components [»leeCS_1986]
Quote: a thing object is a node on a graph; its label may be changed, deleted, or duplicated [»kentW_1978]
Quote: model cooperative robots by a petri net with a graphical display [»kakaY9_1985]
Quote: Pierce--existential graphs, e.g., negation as a cut in a sheet of assertion; like Brown's Laws of Form [»sowaJF_1984]
Quote: a diagram is a graphical presentation of a set of elements and their relationships
Quote: represent data structures by a graph with nodes as entities, edges as selectors, and leaves as values [»earlJ10_1971, OK]
Quote: describe a cartographic map by a cell complex of lines (1-cells) with bounding points (0-cells) and areas (2-cells) [»honeSK_1986]

Subtopic: annotate graph up

Quote: attributes of an object are annotations to the nodes of the directed graph representing the system [»handP_1981]

Subtopic: chordal graphs up

Quote: register allocation via greedy coloring of chordal graphs; better than iterated register coalescing over a few registers [»pereFM11_2005]
Quote: an undirected graph without self-loops is chordal iff it has a simplicial elimination ordering [»pereFM11_2005]

Subtopic: hypertext graphs up

Quote: Hypertext is a directed graph of nodes and links
Quote: if show Hypertext as a directed graph have links that overlap nodes and other links [»feinS3_1988]
Quote: IGD page graph from actions which access neighboring pages when invoked

Subtopic: graph transformations up

Quote: show data structure operations as transformations of graph; e.g., stack operations [»earlJ10_1971, OK]

Subtopic: graph algorithms up

Quote: first fully dynamic algorithm for connectivity, bipartiteness, and approximate minimum spanning tree in polylogarithmic time per edge; randomized, efficient; sparse cuts near root [»henzMR7_1999]
Quote: survey of external memory algorithms; includes sorting, permuting, FFT, graphs, databases, GIS, text processing [»vittJS6_2001]
Quote: OSR identifies induction variables by a depth-first search of the strongly-connected components in the SSA-graph [»coopKD9_2001]
Quote: efficient computation of LALR(1) look-ahead sets; used Tarjan's algorithm for strongly-connected components [»dereF8_1979]

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