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Subtopic: management up

Quote: organize programming as distinct activities with clearly defined interactions
Quote: every approach works for a small project, and with enough time and money, for a large project [»stroB_1991]
Quote: a list of characteristics of winning generals; important for managing super large system development [»joneTC1_1977]
Quote: law of conservation of organizational stability: the size of a programming project will remain statistically invariant [»lehmMM9_1980]
Quote: must divide projects into sub-projects before adding staff, but hasty decisions leads to poor usability and a weak internal structure [»parnDL8_1971]

Subtopic: communication problems up

Quote: for both people and programs separating implementation from interface is easy; the hard part is organizing effective communication between the different sides of the interface [»stroB_1991]
Quote: constructing a large software system requires communication and coordination [»tichWF9_1979]
Quote: with large systems, documentation, tutorials and system may diverge because documentation is cut when schedules fail [»belaLA_1979]
Quote: what makes a program large is all of its communication requirements; internal, organizational, implementers, users, and operational environment [»belaLA_1979]
Quote: the copy machine was important for designing Multics; increased speed of design interactions [»corbFJ_1979]

Subtopic: scheduling up

Quote: a wallboard schedule worked better than project-planning software; used cards to represent task assignments and duration [»whitS5_1995]

Subtopic: large systems up

Quote: unlike bridge building, progress in software is hard to see; documentation provides conceptual visibility but shouldn't be burdensome [»wegnP_1979a]
Quote: a large software product has an enormous variety of correct implementations [»wegnP_1979a]
Quote: large systems should be constructed for evolutionary change; may require greater overhead during development [»wegnP_1979a]
Quote: programming super large systems is one of the most expensive items in modern business [»joneTC1_1977]
Quote: Lucent's 5ESS telephone switch contains 5,000 modules of 100,000,000 lines of C, C++, and domain specific languages; 20 million lines per release [»puruR6_2005]

Subtopic: product development up

Quote: stages of product development -- concept and brainstorming, refinement to weed out implausible solutions, realization of the product, production in high volume [»colwRP_2006]
Quote: a project must have crystal-clear goals; answer the questions, what constitutes sucess and what constitutes failure [»colwRP_2006]
Quote: preparation before realization; the refinement stage of development selects one alternative and creates the project scaffolding for the realization phase [»colwRP_2006]

Subtopic: waterfall model up

Quote: program large systems by systems requirements, software requirements, program analysis, design, coding, and testing [»roycWW8_1970]
Quote: programming consists of analysis and coding; these steps are not enough for large software systems [»roycWW8_1970]

Subtopic: examples of parallel development up

Quote: telephone switch software has 100M lines of code, 100M lines of headers and make files, 20M lines per release, 50 subsystems, 5000 modules or directories, 10K developers, 15 years [»eickSG4_2002]
Quote: 60 features under development at peak of a #5ESS subsystem release [»perrDE4_1998]
Quote: 9 releases for a #5ESS subsystem under simultaneous feature development
Quote: for a release of a #5ESS subsystem, 25% of the files modified by four or more developers; 50% by two or more [»perrDE4_1998]
Quote: an eighth of all deltas made to the same file by different developers with 24 hours of each other; 3% overlap [»perrDE4_1998]
Quote: operator interaction software changed 150K times by 549 programmers; top 50 programmers made majority of changes, top 2 made 7% of changes [»eickSG4_2002]

Subtopic: parallel development up

Quote: quickly develop a framework for the final system; provides an integration platform, a structure to expand, something to demonstrate, and better work estimates [»huntA_2000]
Quote: Apache has a small core server, a well-defined interface, and various ancillary projects; informal coordination for core team; highly efficient [»mockA7_2002]
Quote: synchronize and stabilize -- evolve designs interactively with frequent synchronization and periodic stabilization [»cusuMA10_1999]
Quote: Microsoft uses synch-and-stabilize, daily build, and zero-defect; work in parallel but synch and debug daily with a shippable product; common language, continuous testing, milestone and release metrics [»cusuMA6_1997]

Subtopic: multiple versions up

Quote: multi-version programs should be easily modified, have useful subsets, and easily extended [»parnDL_1978]
Quote: need manifests and version functions for every component; identifies the implementations of interfaces [»briaM10_1999]
Quote: a successful product leads to many versions; SCV analysis helps to manage the success [»coplJ11_1998]

Subtopic: maintenance up

Quote: software repair should be assigned to those with maximum system overview and insight [»belaLA_1979]
QuoteRef: cheaTE_1976 ;;50 medium scale programs, e.g., data processing applications: either from existing package (e.g., statistics) or from scratch (lots of difficulty here since often do not understand)

Subtopic: design up

Quote: consensus design encouraged too many requirements and generalized designs [»corbFJ_1979]
Quote: in Multics an elaborate macroassembler failed; replaced by a simple, primitive assembler [»corbFJ_1979]
Quote: the program designer must impose performance constraints on the analyst; requires a preliminary design before analysis begins [»roycWW8_1970]

Subtopic: quality assurance up

Quote: given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow
Quote: use HyperCode to reduce inspection delays; annotated, diff-marked code listings; online, automatically generated, no meetings [»perrDE7_2002]
Quote: Apache developers do not use QA testing; review code before or after checkin; most core developers review all changes [»mockA7_2002]
Quote: for Apache, open source community used for bug fixing; no coordination needed to identify cause of a bug [»mockA7_2002]
Quote: compares the cathedral model of commercial software vs. the bazaar model of Linux and free software [»raymES3_1998]

Subtopic: project metrics up

Quote: health-of-the-model metric combines regression results, time to debug, forward progress for new functionality, high-priority bugs, and age of open bugs [»colwRP_2006]

Subtopic: cost estimation up

Quote: track the number of new RTL lines per week, the running total and estimates; can predict the final RTL size from the rate of increase [»colwRP_2006]
Quote: project cost estimates only need to prevent really bad, unrecoverable decisions [»armoP11_2002]
Quote: ITT uses a large headquarters' staff to verify estimates and plans of managers [»duns12_1970]
Quote: use analogy to estimate project effort: identify features, estimate effort from similar projects; outperforms algorithmic models such as COCOMO; use at least ten projects [»shepM11_1997]
Quote: effort estimation by analogy and regression analysis works best for builds or enhancements to an existing system and worst for dissimilar projects from multiple organizations [»shepM11_1997]
Quote: predict software effort from regression model of software modification and modification requests [»mockA5_2003]

Subtopic: estimating problems up

Quote: large software projects often fail by orders-of-magnitude miscalculations; modeling and estimation could detect these [»corbFJ_1979]
Quote: project cost estimates only need to prevent really bad, unrecoverable decisions [»armoP11_2002]
Quote: software maintenance tools must account for the long tails of many usage statistics; these are critical cases that need support the most [»perrDE4_1998]
Quote: discover timing, storage, and I/O problems at the end of the development cycle; may require a major redesign and a 100-percent overrun [»roycWW8_1970]
Quote: need to overshoot in selective areas of a design, otherwise unwelcome realities will lead to failure [»colwRP_2006]

Subtopic: performance problems up

Quote: insufficient computer time for building Multics; should have reduced programming staff and bought hardware [»corbFJ_1979]
Quote: as a system grows, need to improve performance [»belaLA_1979]

Subtopic: bug management up

Quote: high numbers of killed or no_change modification requests indicate poor MR quality; waste of time [»eickSG4_2002]

Subtopic: developing system on system up

Quote: Multics development dramatically improved once development moved to Multics (after four years) [»corbFJ_1979]
Quote: with development on Multics, system changes within ten minutes and sometimes seconds [»corbFJ_1979]
Quote: Multics development by new system release once or twice a week; one person responsible [»corbFJ_1979]

Subtopic: release management up

Quote: release manager for each Apache release; identify critical problems, tracks repairs; controls access to the repository [»mockA7_2002]

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