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parallel processing

concurrency control by monitors
event controlled processing
models of parallel computation
parallel control statements
process control languages

Subtopic: synchronous language up

Quote: use synchronous languages for real-time, embedded, safety critical applications [»benvA1_2003]

Subtopic: concurrent language up

Quote: concurrent programming languages are asynchronous and nondeterministic; timing and event order is unpredictable [»benvA9_1991]

Subtopic: tuple-based up

Quote: Linda is a coordination language for use with a traditional programming language; creates a complete language [»geleD2_1992]
Quote: Linda has four basic operations: eval (create process), out (create tuple), in (remove tuple), rd (copy tuple) [»carrN4_1989]

Subtopic: data parallel up

Quote: NESL is a parallel programming language for expressing nested parallelism and data parallelism [»blelGE3_1996]

Subtopic: microkernel up

Quote: implement concurrency with a micro-kernel; primitives for emit, absorb, p and v; low cost [»cormGV5_1988]

Subtopic: monitors up

Quote: Java by default is unsynchronized; synchronization is a programming style that imitates insecure monitors [»brinP4_1999]

Subtopic: process oriented languages up

QuoteRef: daviNR2_1974 ;;40 process oriented GPSS and SIMULA 67

Subtopic: disjoint processing up

Quote: a parallel language must check that processes access disjoint sets of variables only and do not interfere in time-dependent ways [»brinP4_1999]

Subtopic: guarded microsteps up

Quote: the parallel composition of guarded microsteps has confusing semantics and multiple interpretations; used by VHDL, Verilog, and others [»benvA1_2003]

Subtopic: problems of parallel languages up

Quote: systems for concurrent programming fail to handle complex, concurrent subtasks in a nondeterministic world [»donnMD_1987]
Quote: with complex, concurrent subtasks, must search for appropriate reactions to unpredictable events
Quote: C does not include support for parallel programming because it would depend on the underlying operating system [»ritcDM7_1978c]
Quote: many concurrent languages simulate concurrency on a sequential machine; may be poor for real concurrency

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